National Geographic April 1985


Troubled Kabul { Kabul, Afghanistan’s Troubled Capital}
Life goes on in the Afghan capital despite the rockets of war, Mike Edwards and photographer Steve Raymer discover.
Festival of India { Focus on India: Festivals Across U. S. Celebrate a Diverse Culture}
Festivals and exhibitions in a score of U. S. cities will proclaim a nation’s heritage.
Nr- 1, Inner- Space Shuttle { NR- 1, the Navy’s Inner- Space Shuttle}
Geologist Robert D. Ballard uses the Navy’s nuclear- powered research sub to explore the Atlantic floor. Photos by Emory Kristof.
Those Eternal Austrians
Investigating a European success story, John J. Putman and Adam Woolfitt find a neutral nation thriving on its postwar social and economic achievements.
Isle Royale, Park Primeval { Isle Royale, A North Woods Park Primeval}
Amid chill in Lake Superior lies a wilderness testing ground for wolves, moose, and other wildlife, John L. Eliot and Mitch Kezar explore this seldom visited national park.
New Delhi: India’s Mirror { New Delhi: Mirror of India}
A new city grafted onto an ancient one, the capital epitomizes the problems and promise of the country. Bryan Hodgson and Steve Raymer report.
When the Moguls Ruled { When the Moguls Ruled India: Paradise on Earth }
Exquisite palaces, mosques, and gardens graced an empire often torn by dynastic warfare. Mike Edwards and Roland Michaud record the glory of the Moguls, who ruled the Indian subcontinent for more than 300 years.

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