1984 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 1984

    Escape From Slavery: The Underground Railroad { The Underground Railroad}
    Sparked by his own family history, Charles L. Blockson traces the network of forest paths and safe house stations that guided tens of thousands of American blacks from slavery to freedom. Photographs by Louie Psihoyos.
    Time and Again in Burma
    Repeated visits help Bryan Hodgson and James L. Stanfield gain insight into a land of gold- sheathed pagodas and economic woes, serenity and civil strife - - all in generation- long seclusion from the outside world.
    The Forgotten Face of Everest { Conquering Everest's Forgotten Face}
    Scouting the forbidding and unclimbed East Face of the world's highest mountain, Andrew Harvard's reconnaissance leads to conquest of the summit.
    The Forgotten Face of Everest { Conquering Everest's Forgotten Face; Conquest of the Summit}
    An American team of 13 climbers tackles sheer rock, ice, and snow to become the first to scale Mount Everest by its East Face. By expedition leader James D. Morrissey.
    The Great Gray Owl: Life of a Forest Hunter
    Ears that can hear gophers underground and eyes that can spot a mouse on snow at 300 yards guide this hunter of the northern forests, reports Michael S. Quinton.
    Scotland, Ghosts, and Glory
    A land haunted by lost battles and industrial clout bids for new wealth from the silicon chip and North Sea oil. Rowe Findley and photographer Peter Carmichael find both the changing and the changeless in a rugged realm.

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  • National Geographic August 1984

    The Whales Called Killer
    Once feared as ferocious man- eaters, killer whales belie their reputation. Erich Hoyt and Flip Nicklin report on the highly social behavior of these intelligent mammals.
    Mexico City: An Alarming Giant
    Growing into the world's largest megalopolis, the Mexican capital holds the best and worst of urban life. Bart McDowell and Stephanie Maze find that the 16 million inhabitants may be on a collision course with the future.
    The Urban Explosion { The World's Urban Explosion}
    Huge population increase poses a worldwide dilemma, but it is in the cities of developing countries that growth is now outrunning the answers, says author Robert W. Fox.
    A Scholarly President Looks at Mexico's Future
    In a private interview with National Geographic Magazine Editor, Wilbur E. Garrett, Miguel de la Madrid Hurdato, president of Mexico, discusses challenges facing ever- growing Mexico City.
    Colorado Dreaming
    Gold and silver lured many an early Coloradan. And dreams still draw newcomers, Mike Edwards and Craig Aurness discover as they explore this state at rainbow's end. With a map supplement on the Central Rockies.
    Where Gods Dwelled- -The Japan Alps { The Japan Alps}
    Long hallowed as the dwelling places of gods, Japan's peaks now lure hordes of hikers and skiers. Charles McCarry and photographer George F. Mobley explore the heights.
    The Preposterous Puffer
    Prized in Japan as a gourmet's delight, the fish that can swell up like a balloon can be as deadly as it is pleasant to the palate. By Noel D. Vietmeyer and Joseph J. Scherschel.

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  • National Geographic September 1984

    Dallas! Keeping the dream alive

    Running a wild glacier river in Iceland

    The Okies - Beyond the dust bowl

    Do we treat our soil like dirt?

    Patterns of plenty: The art in farming

    Man and Manatee

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  • National Geographic October 1984

    Following The Route Of Cortes

    Iberia's Vintage River

    Pollen - Breath Of Life And Sneezes

    The Maoris: At Home In Two Worlds

    Treasures Of The Tradition

    Your Society's Newest Building

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  • National Geographic November 1984

    Africa Adorned: A Continent Speaks Through Its Decorative Art
    With a twist of the hair or beads dangling from an ear, the peoples of Africa communicate age, exploits, or marital status. Angela Fisher lived among Africans across the continent for seven years learning the language of body decoration.
    American Waterfowl: Troubles and Triumphs { A Lot of Trouble and a Few Triumphs for North American Waterfowl}
    As development gobbles 458, 000 acres of wetlands annually, the future of North America's water birds lies ever more in human hands. John Madson surveys management efforts and reports some losses, some gains.
    Marking Time in Grenada
    A year after Bloody Wednesday, Charles E. Cobb, Jr. , and David Alan Harvey find Grenadians looking to an influx of U. S. aid and hoping for a boom in tourism to create the economic base vital to their recovery.
    Chocolate: Food of the Gods
    Mankind delights in it, woos with it, and profits from it. Gordon Young follows the chocolate road from cocoa groves through candy factories to the world of high finance. James L. Stanfield and Sisse Brimberg document the tasty trail.
    Icebound in Antarctica
    Challenging winter in Antarctica, author David Lewis and crew use their frozen- in ship as a research base, and sea ice as a highway. Despite difficulties, the expedition - - studied and photographed by anthropologist Mimi George - - met all its goals.

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  • National Geographic December 1984

    The Unknown Giants: Sperm and Blue Whales { Rare Look At Sperm and Blue Whales, The Unknown Giants}
    How do the heirs of Moby Dick communicate and socialize? Zoologist Hal Whitehead tells of sperm whale studies in the Indian Ocean. As a bonus, blue whales paid the scientists a visit. Photographs by Flip Nicklin.
    Tiger! Lord of the Indian Jungle
    By elephant and jeep, Stanley Breeden and Belinda Wright stalk the great cat, capturing the violent and tender sides of its life.
    Life Breath of Half the World: Monsoons { Monsoons: Life Breath of Half the World}
    Seasonal rains each year bring both havoc and renewal to half the world's population. Priit J. Vesilind and Steve McCurry follow the great monsoons.
    The One Less Traveled by. .. : A Journey Down Old U. S. 1 { A Journey Down Old U. S. 1}
    The first highway from Maine to Florida is today largely bypassed and much abused, but Bruce Dale finds glorious stretches and fascinating people along the way.
    Beyond Supermouse: Changing Life's Blueprint { Beyond Supermouse: Changing Life's Genetic Blueprint}
    Hope and controversy surround the fast- developing field of biotechnology. Geneticist Robert F. Weaver and photographer Ted Spiegel report on the promise for agriculture, animal husbandry, medicine, and energy.

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