National Geographic July 1984


Escape From Slavery: The Underground Railroad { The Underground Railroad}
Sparked by his own family history, Charles L. Blockson traces the network of forest paths and safe house stations that guided tens of thousands of American blacks from slavery to freedom. Photographs by Louie Psihoyos.
Time and Again in Burma
Repeated visits help Bryan Hodgson and James L. Stanfield gain insight into a land of gold- sheathed pagodas and economic woes, serenity and civil strife – – all in generation- long seclusion from the outside world.
The Forgotten Face of Everest { Conquering Everest’s Forgotten Face}
Scouting the forbidding and unclimbed East Face of the world’s highest mountain, Andrew Harvard’s reconnaissance leads to conquest of the summit.
The Forgotten Face of Everest { Conquering Everest’s Forgotten Face; Conquest of the Summit}
An American team of 13 climbers tackles sheer rock, ice, and snow to become the first to scale Mount Everest by its East Face. By expedition leader James D. Morrissey.
The Great Gray Owl: Life of a Forest Hunter
Ears that can hear gophers underground and eyes that can spot a mouse on snow at 300 yards guide this hunter of the northern forests, reports Michael S. Quinton.
Scotland, Ghosts, and Glory
A land haunted by lost battles and industrial clout bids for new wealth from the silicon chip and North Sea oil. Rowe Findley and photographer Peter Carmichael find both the changing and the changeless in a rugged realm.

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