National Geographic November 1984


Africa Adorned: A Continent Speaks Through Its Decorative Art
With a twist of the hair or beads dangling from an ear, the peoples of Africa communicate age, exploits, or marital status. Angela Fisher lived among Africans across the continent for seven years learning the language of body decoration.
American Waterfowl: Troubles and Triumphs { A Lot of Trouble and a Few Triumphs for North American Waterfowl}
As development gobbles 458, 000 acres of wetlands annually, the future of North America’s water birds lies ever more in human hands. John Madson surveys management efforts and reports some losses, some gains.
Marking Time in Grenada
A year after Bloody Wednesday, Charles E. Cobb, Jr. , and David Alan Harvey find Grenadians looking to an influx of U. S. aid and hoping for a boom in tourism to create the economic base vital to their recovery.
Chocolate: Food of the Gods
Mankind delights in it, woos with it, and profits from it. Gordon Young follows the chocolate road from cocoa groves through candy factories to the world of high finance. James L. Stanfield and Sisse Brimberg document the tasty trail.
Icebound in Antarctica
Challenging winter in Antarctica, author David Lewis and crew use their frozen- in ship as a research base, and sea ice as a highway. Despite difficulties, the expedition – – studied and photographed by anthropologist Mimi George – – met all its goals.

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