National Geographic August 1984


The Whales Called Killer
Once feared as ferocious man- eaters, killer whales belie their reputation. Erich Hoyt and Flip Nicklin report on the highly social behavior of these intelligent mammals.
Mexico City: An Alarming Giant
Growing into the world’s largest megalopolis, the Mexican capital holds the best and worst of urban life. Bart McDowell and Stephanie Maze find that the 16 million inhabitants may be on a collision course with the future.
The Urban Explosion { The World’s Urban Explosion}
Huge population increase poses a worldwide dilemma, but it is in the cities of developing countries that growth is now outrunning the answers, says author Robert W. Fox.
A Scholarly President Looks at Mexico’s Future
In a private interview with National Geographic Magazine Editor, Wilbur E. Garrett, Miguel de la Madrid Hurdato, president of Mexico, discusses challenges facing ever- growing Mexico City.
Colorado Dreaming
Gold and silver lured many an early Coloradan. And dreams still draw newcomers, Mike Edwards and Craig Aurness discover as they explore this state at rainbow’s end. With a map supplement on the Central Rockies.
Where Gods Dwelled- -The Japan Alps { The Japan Alps}
Long hallowed as the dwelling places of gods, Japan’s peaks now lure hordes of hikers and skiers. Charles McCarry and photographer George F. Mobley explore the heights.
The Preposterous Puffer
Prized in Japan as a gourmet’s delight, the fish that can swell up like a balloon can be as deadly as it is pleasant to the palate. By Noel D. Vietmeyer and Joseph J. Scherschel.

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