1983 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 1983

    Life in an Undersea Desert { Hidden Life of an Undersea Desert}
    Barren Red Sea floor reveals abundant life - - if you know where to look. By marine biologist Eugenie Clark and photographer David Doubilet.
    Lost Ship Waits Under Arctic Ice { Exploring a 140- year- old Ship Under Arctic Ice}
    Diving team led by Joe MacInnis finds the beautifully preserved hulk of the 140- year- old British bark Breadalbane, sunk by ice off Beechey Island. Photographs by Emory Kristof.
    Stone Age Art of Tanzania { Tanzania's Stone Age Art}
    Prehistoric Africans hunt, dance, and sing in rock paintings thousands of years old. Anthropologist Mary D. Leakey traces and interprets the paintings. Photographs by John Reader.
    Arctic Odyssey
    In a walrus- hide boat, John Bockstoce retraces a great Eskimo migration eastward from Alaska. Photos by Jonathan Wright; paintings by Jack Unruh.
    The Automobile- -Swing Low, Sweet Chariot { Swing Low, Sweet Chariot! : The Automobile and the American Way}
    America's love affair with the automobile sparked decades of prosperity for U. S. car manufacturers, who now must meet fierce foreign competition. Noel Grove and photographer Bruce Dale chart the milestones.
    Lyric Wales { The Lyric Land of Wales; Wales, the Lyric Land}
    Proud of their Celtic heritage and language, the Welsh celebrate their misty realm in poetry and song. Bryan Hodgson and photographer Farrell Grehan find national identity strong in this British principality.
    Special Economic Zones: China's Opening Door { China's Opening Door: Special Economic Zones}
    Special Economic Zones lure foreign plants, money, and know- how. John J. Putnam and photographer H. Edward Kim report on a touch of capitalism.

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  • National Geographic August 1983

    Sri Lanka's Wildlife { Legacy of Lively Treasures}
    A photo essay of Sri Lanka's wildlife by Dieter and Mary Plage.
    Sri Lanka's Wildlife { A Nation Rises to the Challenge}
    The director of Sri Lanka's Department of Wildlife Conservation, Lyn de Alwis, tells of ongoing efforts to save the land's much beloved elephants.
    Sri Lanka's Wildlife { Sri Lanka's Wildlife Heritage: A Personal Perspective}
    A personal perspective by renowned author and conservationist Arthur C. Clarke celebrates the wildlife wonders of this island nation where he lives and writes - - and introduces a spectacular photographic portfolio by Dieter and Mary Plage.
    Delight- Sized Delaware { Delaware- -Who Needs to Be Big? }
    Small in size but big in appeal, Delaware maintains a small- town spirit while meeting the challenges of today's economy. By Jane Vessels, with photographs by native Delawarean Kevin Fleming.
    The Case of the Killer Caterpillars
    Hawaii's predatory inchworms, unlike their vegetarian kin, lie in wait for passing insects. Biologist Steven L. Montgomery studies the voracious creatures. Photographs by Robert F. Sisson.
    Living Theater in New Guinea { Living Theater in New Guinea's Highlands}
    Anthropologist Gillian Gillison and her photographer husband, David, document the complex yet ephemeral performances of a people who use the dramatic arts to record and describe their lives.
    The Bird Men
    What the Wright brother did in 1903, now everyman can do - - fly open to the air in a cloth- and- frame ultralight aircraft. Luis Marden and Charles O' Rear take wing.
    The Mississippi's Delta { The Mississippi's Disappearing Delta; Mississippi Delta: The Land of the River}
    An ethnic gumbo lives and works in this rich but fragile region - - the last great gift of the river as it meets the sea. By Douglas Lee, with photographs by C. C. Lockwood. The Deep South is further defined by a double map supplement in The Making of Am

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  • National Geographic September 1983

    Satellites That Serve Us { Spacelab 1: [ Columbia] }
    Above earth's atmosphere, six men in a shuttle- based laboratory will conduct more than 70 international experiments. By Michael E. Long.
    High- Flying Tulsa
    Big oil, big evangelism, and big ideas helped build Oklahoma's high- tech, down- home boomer city and island port. Robert Paul Jordan and photographer Annie Griffiths assess its progress.
    Washington's Old Post Office { New Life for the Old Post Office; A Preservation Victory Saves Washington's Old Post Office}
    The former home of the nation's postal service escapes the wrecker and reopens to pealing of bells as a center for lively arts and commerce. By Wolf Von Eckardt, with photographs by Volkmar Wentzel.
    The Aleutians: Alaska's Far- out Islands
    Born of volcanoes, blasted by storms, the thousand- mile chain spans hemispheres, continents, and cultures. Lael Morgan and photographer Steven C. Wilson report on the nation's westernmost tip.
    The Living Sands of the Namib
    Fed on little more than fog, plant scraps, and each other, creatures of Africa's southwest desert coast develop ultimate survival tactics. William J. Hamilton III and photographers Carol and David Hughes chronicle a bizarre desert world.

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  • National Geographic October 1983

    The Japanese Crane, Bird of Happiness
    Numbering about a thousand in all, these graceful creatures hold a special place in Japanese culture. Text and photographs by Tsuneo Hayashida.
    Pitcairn and Norfolk- -The Saga of [ Bounty' ]s Children { [Bounty' ]s Children of Pitcairn and Norfolk; Norfolk Island}
    Second home to descendants of the Bounty mutineers, Norfolk Island shares their legacy. The entire population of Pitcairn was moved here in 1856 when that island became overcrowded. A few families returned, but most stayed on to settle this 13- square- m
    People of the Taboo { Niger's Wodaabe: People of the Taboo }
    A rigid code of behavior guides nomads who squeeze a bare subsistence from the fringes of the Sahara. Carol Beckwith records their ritual celebrations and the elaborate male beauty contests that lighten their lives during the rainy season.
    Circling Earth From Pole to Pole
    For three years author Sir Ranulph Fiennes and his Transglobe Expedition forged through the heat and cold of four continents and three oceans to complete the first- ever bipolar circumnavigation.
    The World of Martin Luther { The World of Luther}
    A defiant German monk, born five centuries ago next month, changed the course of history. Luther challenged the Roman Catholic Church, igniting the Reformation and, very nearly, himself. Merle Severy and photographer James L. Amos trace his life.

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  • National Geographic November 1983

    Sun Car Crosses Australia { Across Australia by Sunpower}
    Running on captured solar power, adventurers Hans Tholstrup and Larry Perkins drive their lightweight vehicle 2, 500 miles from Perth to Sydney. Photographs by David Austen.
    The Last Supper : Restoration Reveals Leonardo's Masterpiece { Restoring the Last Supper ; Restoration Reveals the Last Supper }
    After five centuries of abuse by man and nature, Leonardo da Vinci's masterwork is being reborn - - paint fleck by painstaking fleck. Art historian Carlo Bertelli views the progress, photographed by Victor R. Boswell, Jr.
    The Miracle Metal- -Platinum
    Much more than a setting for gems, this precious metal cleans automobile exhaust, helps make fiberglass and fertilizers. prevents ships' hulls from corroding and combats cancer. Gordon Young and James L. Amos detail its myriad uses.
    Decoys: Artifice and Art { North American Decoys; Decoys: Humble Masterpieces}
    Decoys made for the plain purpose of bringing to table have become highly valued collectors' items and emblems of America in a simpler age. By George Reiger, photographs by Kenneth Garrett.
    Kamehameha- -Hawaii's Warrior King
    Conqueror, statesman, and founder of a dynasty, the first ruler of all the Hawaiian Islands balanced foreign influences with ancient ways, leaving a heritage that now lights a modern renaissance. By Louise E. Levathes, with photographs by Steve Raymer, ;
    Honduras: Eye of the Storm
    Surrounded by neighbors in turmoil, Honduras struggles for greater security and a more diversified economy. Mike Edwards and David Alan Harvey report.

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  • National Geographic December 1983

    A Good Life in the Low Country- -Savannah to Charleston { Savannah to Charleston- -Low Country Coast}
    The grace and traditions of the Old South survive amid 20th century development. John Putman and Annie Griffiths explore the island- fringed coast from Savannah to Charleston.
    The Byzantine Empire { Village From the Past; Eternal Easter in a Greek Village}
    Small isolated Olimbos on a Greek island of Karpathos still celebrates Easter with many Byzantine customs, reports returning native Maria Nicolaidis- Karanikolas.
    The Byzantine Empire { Mount Athos}
    A community of 20 monasteries where pious men work and pray separated from the world, Greece's Mount Athos is a living reflection of Byzantine culture.
    The Byzantine Empire { Rome of the East}
    The glorious Rome of the East fell in 1453, but much of its heritage can be traced in Western culture, laws, and religious concepts. Merle Severy and James L. Stanfield document the Gifts of Golden Byzantium. A large double map portrays modern and; histo
    A Wild, Ill- fated Balloon Race { Last Ascent of a Heroic Team}
    Honoring the bicentennial of the first manned balloon flight, Americans Maxie Anderson and Don Ida left on a flight that would end tragically the next day in West Germany.
    A Wild, Ill- fated Balloon Race { Wild Launch of an Ill- Fated Race}
    Balloonists from around the world gathered in Paris last June to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the first manned balloon flights. One of the participants, Cynthia Shields, tells of her harrowing flight amid stormy weather. Tragically, the event cla;
    A Wild, Ill- fated Balloon Race { The Fantastic Flight of [ Cote d' Or] }
    Cynthia Shields recounts a nearly disasterous experience on board the Cote d' Or.
    Cock- of- the- Rock: Jungle Dandy
    In the rain forest of Suriname, a little- known bird plays out an elaborate courtship ritual, chronicled by ornithologist Pepper W. Trail.

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