National Geographic July 1983


Life in an Undersea Desert { Hidden Life of an Undersea Desert}
Barren Red Sea floor reveals abundant life – – if you know where to look. By marine biologist Eugenie Clark and photographer David Doubilet.
Lost Ship Waits Under Arctic Ice { Exploring a 140- year- old Ship Under Arctic Ice}
Diving team led by Joe MacInnis finds the beautifully preserved hulk of the 140- year- old British bark Breadalbane, sunk by ice off Beechey Island. Photographs by Emory Kristof.
Stone Age Art of Tanzania { Tanzania’s Stone Age Art}
Prehistoric Africans hunt, dance, and sing in rock paintings thousands of years old. Anthropologist Mary D. Leakey traces and interprets the paintings. Photographs by John Reader.
Arctic Odyssey
In a walrus- hide boat, John Bockstoce retraces a great Eskimo migration eastward from Alaska. Photos by Jonathan Wright; paintings by Jack Unruh.
The Automobile- -Swing Low, Sweet Chariot { Swing Low, Sweet Chariot! : The Automobile and the American Way}
America’s love affair with the automobile sparked decades of prosperity for U. S. car manufacturers, who now must meet fierce foreign competition. Noel Grove and photographer Bruce Dale chart the milestones.
Lyric Wales { The Lyric Land of Wales; Wales, the Lyric Land}
Proud of their Celtic heritage and language, the Welsh celebrate their misty realm in poetry and song. Bryan Hodgson and photographer Farrell Grehan find national identity strong in this British principality.
Special Economic Zones: China’s Opening Door { China’s Opening Door: Special Economic Zones}
Special Economic Zones lure foreign plants, money, and know- how. John J. Putnam and photographer H. Edward Kim report on a touch of capitalism.

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