National Geographic October 1983


The Japanese Crane, Bird of Happiness
Numbering about a thousand in all, these graceful creatures hold a special place in Japanese culture. Text and photographs by Tsuneo Hayashida.
Pitcairn and Norfolk- -The Saga of [ Bounty’ ]s Children { [Bounty’ ]s Children of Pitcairn and Norfolk; Norfolk Island}
Second home to descendants of the Bounty mutineers, Norfolk Island shares their legacy. The entire population of Pitcairn was moved here in 1856 when that island became overcrowded. A few families returned, but most stayed on to settle this 13- square- m
People of the Taboo { Niger’s Wodaabe: People of the Taboo }
A rigid code of behavior guides nomads who squeeze a bare subsistence from the fringes of the Sahara. Carol Beckwith records their ritual celebrations and the elaborate male beauty contests that lighten their lives during the rainy season.
Circling Earth From Pole to Pole
For three years author Sir Ranulph Fiennes and his Transglobe Expedition forged through the heat and cold of four continents and three oceans to complete the first- ever bipolar circumnavigation.
The World of Martin Luther { The World of Luther}
A defiant German monk, born five centuries ago next month, changed the course of history. Luther challenged the Roman Catholic Church, igniting the Reformation and, very nearly, himself. Merle Severy and photographer James L. Amos trace his life.

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