National Geographic August 1983


Sri Lanka’s Wildlife { Legacy of Lively Treasures}
A photo essay of Sri Lanka’s wildlife by Dieter and Mary Plage.
Sri Lanka’s Wildlife { A Nation Rises to the Challenge}
The director of Sri Lanka’s Department of Wildlife Conservation, Lyn de Alwis, tells of ongoing efforts to save the land’s much beloved elephants.
Sri Lanka’s Wildlife { Sri Lanka’s Wildlife Heritage: A Personal Perspective}
A personal perspective by renowned author and conservationist Arthur C. Clarke celebrates the wildlife wonders of this island nation where he lives and writes – – and introduces a spectacular photographic portfolio by Dieter and Mary Plage.
Delight- Sized Delaware { Delaware- -Who Needs to Be Big? }
Small in size but big in appeal, Delaware maintains a small- town spirit while meeting the challenges of today’s economy. By Jane Vessels, with photographs by native Delawarean Kevin Fleming.
The Case of the Killer Caterpillars
Hawaii’s predatory inchworms, unlike their vegetarian kin, lie in wait for passing insects. Biologist Steven L. Montgomery studies the voracious creatures. Photographs by Robert F. Sisson.
Living Theater in New Guinea { Living Theater in New Guinea’s Highlands}
Anthropologist Gillian Gillison and her photographer husband, David, document the complex yet ephemeral performances of a people who use the dramatic arts to record and describe their lives.
The Bird Men
What the Wright brother did in 1903, now everyman can do – – fly open to the air in a cloth- and- frame ultralight aircraft. Luis Marden and Charles O’ Rear take wing.
The Mississippi’s Delta { The Mississippi’s Disappearing Delta; Mississippi Delta: The Land of the River}
An ethnic gumbo lives and works in this rich but fragile region – – the last great gift of the river as it meets the sea. By Douglas Lee, with photographs by C. C. Lockwood. The Deep South is further defined by a double map supplement in The Making of Am

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