2013 January – June

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  • National Geographic January 2013

    The World of Explorers

    A photo portfolio: a lunar landing, volcanic action, ancient footprints in Africa.

    Restless Genes

    Scientists are trying to learn what drove us out from Africa and on to the moon and beyond.

    Exploration: Risk Takers

    They snare poisonous snakes, drill into glaciers, probe cat parasites - and always push the limits.

    Crazy Far

    To the stars. Do we have the right stuff to go?

    Rain Forest for Sale

    Ecuador's Yasuni Park has it all - treetop orchids, prowling jaguars, nearly 600 species of birds ... and oil craved by developers.

    The Greatest Survival Story

    His companions died. Food was nearly gone. And Douglas Mawson still had 95 polar miles to go.

    Small, Small World

    We breathe in millions of microbes. But we've only just begun to study them.

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  • National Geographic February 2013

    New Old Libya

    Libyans lived under a dictator who twisted their past. Now they must imagine their future.

    Satellite Archaeology

    A snapshot from space can find buried treasures.

    Crisis Mapper

    Patrick Meier saves lives with his online maps.

    The Bite That Heals

    Venom is nature's most efficient killer. Now we're discovering how it can cure as well.

    Heaven and Hell on Earth

    The nomads of Afghanistan's Wakhan corridor live in one of the world's most beautiful and unforgiving places.

    Do-It-Yourself Soccer

    On fields throughout Africa determined kids turn plastic bags, old clothes, and shredded tires into beloved soccer balls.

    The Sultans of Streams

    Britain's otters were all but wiped out by chemicals leaching into rivers. Now they've made a comeback.

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  • National Geographic March 2013

    America Strikes New Oil

    North Dakota has thousands of wells and temporary laborers - all because of fracking. What's the cost to the land and its people?

    Midnight in the Garden

    Japanese cherry blossoms, French water lilies, and New York lindens, lit by the moon and stars.

    Chinese Class Reunion

    River Town was a peace Corps volunteer's tale of teaching English in sleepy Fuling. Ten years later its author returns to a changed town.

    The Wild Life of a Bonobo

    The ape famous for making love isn't as peach loving as we once thought.

    Citizen Scientists

    They count ladybugs, whale sharks, elephants.

    Ice Water Diver

    Rhian Waller goes numb for deep-sea corals.

    Drones May Be Watching You

    Unmanned aircraft are poised to move from military areas to U.S. highways and byways.

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  • National Geographic April 2013

    Back to Life

    Reviving an extinct species is no longer a fantasy. Is it a good idea?

    Tusk Hunters

    Remains of long-gone mammoths lie buried in Siberian tundra.

    Seeking New Species

    Scientists have found 1.7 million. Millions more are undiscovered.

    Crusading Pilot

    Barrington Irving wants to teach kids to explore the skies.

    Delaware, at Last

    A proposed park celebrates the Brandywine Valley and more.

    I Love You, Manatee

    We swim with it when legal, tune to its radio station, ponder its fate.

    Europe's Wild Men

    They dress in bear heads and bells, and behave like beasts.

    A Rush for Red Gold

    Illegal loggers plunder Peru's forests for majogany.

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  • National Geographic May 2013

    New Clues to a Long Life

    You want to live to 120? And stay healthy? Genetic discoveries could make that wish come true.

    Siberian Sanctuary

    Wrangel Island was once thought to be a magical realm. That's not so far from the truth.

    Unsilent Zimbabwe

    The violent rule of Robert Mugabe has shattered a nation. But he cannot still the voices of the people.

    The Curse of Fertilizer

    Could agriculture destroy our planet?

    Element Hunters

    A new atom is born. And then it vanishes. And the search for undiscovered elements goes on.

    Turning Old Things Into New

    Shrimp shells + silk protein = one of many freshly minted (and super-useful) materials.

    Flying in the Face of Peril

    Bears, snakes, and unhappy bureucrats can't stop Cagan Sekercioglu from saving birds.

    China's Grand Canal

    The ancient waterway linked north and south for centuries. Nowadays it's a tourist draw too.

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  • National Geographic June 2013

    The Mystery of Risk

    Why do explorers put their physical self and their reputation in peril? The answer may surprise you.

    Risk Takers Tell All

    Meet space jumper Felix Baumgartner, voted Nat Geo Adventurer of the Year, and five other stars.

    Onward and Downward

    Travel along on a record-breaking descent to the deepest spot in the ocean.

    First Australians

    An Aboriginal village invited our writer to visit. "Anything I can bring?" The reply: "Dinner for 25."

    Maxed Out on Everest

    Our team saw how the mountain has become an icon for everything that's wrong with climbing

    Miracle in Mozambique

    Ravaged by war, Gorongosa Park is reborn

    Last of the Viking Whalers

    Norway reserves the right to hunt minkes. But kids don't want to grow up to be whalers.

    Today's Whale Catch

    Despite a global moratorium, the hunt goes on

    { Special Poster } Landmarks in Exploration / Space Journeys

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