National Geographic November 1983


Sun Car Crosses Australia { Across Australia by Sunpower}
Running on captured solar power, adventurers Hans Tholstrup and Larry Perkins drive their lightweight vehicle 2, 500 miles from Perth to Sydney. Photographs by David Austen.
The Last Supper : Restoration Reveals Leonardo’s Masterpiece { Restoring the Last Supper ; Restoration Reveals the Last Supper }
After five centuries of abuse by man and nature, Leonardo da Vinci’s masterwork is being reborn – – paint fleck by painstaking fleck. Art historian Carlo Bertelli views the progress, photographed by Victor R. Boswell, Jr.
The Miracle Metal- -Platinum
Much more than a setting for gems, this precious metal cleans automobile exhaust, helps make fiberglass and fertilizers. prevents ships’ hulls from corroding and combats cancer. Gordon Young and James L. Amos detail its myriad uses.
Decoys: Artifice and Art { North American Decoys; Decoys: Humble Masterpieces}
Decoys made for the plain purpose of bringing to table have become highly valued collectors’ items and emblems of America in a simpler age. By George Reiger, photographs by Kenneth Garrett.
Kamehameha- -Hawaii’s Warrior King
Conqueror, statesman, and founder of a dynasty, the first ruler of all the Hawaiian Islands balanced foreign influences with ancient ways, leaving a heritage that now lights a modern renaissance. By Louise E. Levathes, with photographs by Steve Raymer, ;
Honduras: Eye of the Storm
Surrounded by neighbors in turmoil, Honduras struggles for greater security and a more diversified economy. Mike Edwards and David Alan Harvey report.

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