1982 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 1982

    Willa Cather: Voice of the Frontier { The Country of Willa Cather}
    One of America's premier modern writers, Willa Cather sang of the struggles and joys of early pioneers. Princeton English professor William Howarth and photographer Farrell Grehan journey to the regions that inspired her novels.
    Seeking the Oldest Known Maya { Unearthing the Oldest Known Maya}
    Digging through layers of antiquity, archaeologist Norman Hammond discovers the roots of Maya culture planted more than 1, 000 years earlier than previously thought. Lowell Georgia and Martha Cooper document the rich Cuello site in Belize, Central Americ
    In the Wake of Sindbad
    Retracing the route of the legendary seafarer, adventurer Tim Severin sails from Oman to China in a full- size replica of a medieval Arab ship. Photographs by Richard Greenhill.
    Carrara Marble: Touchstone of Eternity
    For 2, 000 years artists and artisans have treasured the noble stone of this Italian city. Cathy Newman and Pierre Boulat visit the quarries that provided Michelangelo the marble for his masterpieces.
    The Ivory Coast- -African Success Story
    Amid the turmoil of the African Continent - - and against a colorful backdrop of 60 diverse ethnic groups that comprise its population - - the Ivory Coast remains a model of economic and political stability. By Michael and Aubine Kirtley.
    Peru's Pilgrimage to the Sky
    Robert Randall joins devout Andean Indians on an annual trek to a mountain sanctuary. Photographers Loren McIntyre and Ira Block record the event, a blend of ancient beliefs and Christianity.

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  • National Geographic August 1982

    Florida- -A Time for Reckoning
    From palmy Key West to high- rise Jacksonville, from Deep South Panhandle to St. Petersburg's park benches, Florida still beckons to a host of newcomers - - including, these days, those who bring problems rather than pensions. William S. Ellis reports o
    Plight of the Bluefin Tuna
    Michael J. A. Butler assesses the future of this fast, powerful fish prized by Japanese as an epicurean delight. Artist Stanley Meltzoff and photographer David Doubilet portray these magnificent beasts.
    Paraguay, Paradox of South America { Paraguay, South American Paradox; Paraguay}
    Boom times replace economic doldrums and relative calm prevails in a region known for political turbulence. Gordon Young reports on Latin America's longest lived dictatorship, with photographs by O. Lois Mazzatenta.
    Papua New Guinea { Nation in the Making}
    Its people think of it as a center of the world, says Professor Robert J. Gordon, describing a little- known, surprising South Pacific country on a journey through time.
    Papua New Guinea { Journey Through Time}
    Only seven years a nation, Papua new Guinea makes slow but steady progress from Stone Age tribalism toward self- reliance and a national identity. Francois Leydet and photographer David Austen travel from jungled coast to isolated mountain villages.
    Melville Bell Grosvenor, a Lifetime of Service { Melville Bell Grosvenor: 1901- 1982; Melville Bell Grosvenor's Legacy; A Decade of Innovation, a Lifetime of Service}
    The Geographic took off like a rocket with Melville at the helm. Colleagues' remembrances fill Bart McDowell's tribute to the former Editor, President, and Chairman of the Board of the Society, whose zestful life spanned 80 years.

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  • National Geographic September 1982

    T. R. 's Wilderness Legacy { Teddy Roosevelt's Wilderness Legacy; Roosevelt Country: T. R. 's Wilderness Legacy}
    The President who got the conservation movement off the ground, Theodore Roosevelt created wildlife refuges and greatly expanded national forests and parks. John L. Eliot looks at the naturalist side of the man better known for his Rough Riders, big sti;
    Finding Jenne- Jeno, West Africa's Oldest City { Finding West Africa's Oldest City}
    Archaeologists Susan Keech McIntosh and Roderick J. McIntosh lay bare the forgotten city of Jenne- jeno. Founded more than 2, 000 years ago, it flourished for a millennium before being abandoned about 1400. Michael and Aubine Kirtley photograph the dig.
    Avalanche! { Battling the Juggernaut}
    Science continues to devise new ways to deal with - - if not defeat - - death- dealing avalanches, and to rescue those caught in their paths. David Cupp reports.
    Boom Times and Buccaneering: The Bahamas { The Bahamas: Boom Times and Buccaneering}
    In this balmy playground of the Western world, not even troublemakers can spoil the fun, writer Peter Benchley and photographer Bruce Dale discover.
    Avalanche! { Winter's White Death}
    Deadly, elusive, and unstoppable, David Cupp photographs an avalanche in action in Utah's Wasatch Range.
    Avalanche! { I' m OK, I' m Alive! }
    David Cupp and photographer Lanny Johnson document the March 1982 tragedy at California's Alpine Meadows ski resort that claimed seven lives, and the courage and fortitude of dedicated rescuers who saved four others.
    Use and Abuse of Our National Forests { Our National Forests: Problems in Paradise; Fighting Forest Fires }
    Can our forests be shared by all who want to use them - - forester, miner, rancher, backpacker? Rowe Findley explains the issues behind the debates over the future of the 191- million- acre U. S. National Forest System. Photographs by David Cupp.

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  • National Geographic October 1982

    The Chip - Electronic Mini-Marvel That Is Changing Your Life

    California's Silicon Valley

    Saving Pere David's Deer

    Thailand Royalty At Work

    Land In The Middle

    New Day For Alaska's Pribilofs

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  • National Geographic November 1982

    The Making Of America: The Southwest

    The Anasazi: Riddles In The Ruins

    Pueblo Pottery: Inside The Sacred Hopi Homeland

    Making Of America: A New Map Series

    Kublai Khan's Lost Fleet

    New Look At The Shuttle

    Mexican Volcano Spews Death And Devastation

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  • National Geographic December 1982

    President's Report to Members { An Exciting Year of Discovery: Report to Members}
    From unearthing lost cities to mapping the deep sea, your Society helps scientists cross new frontiers. Gilbert M. Grosvenor reviews 1982's achievements and announces TV specials and major publications to come in 1983.
    Lost Outpost of Ancient Egypt { Gaza Sands Yield Lost Outpost of the Egyptian Empire}
    Tracking modern grave robbers to Gaza, Israeli archaeologist Trude Dothan finds 3, 300- year- old remains of an Egyptian settlement. Photographs by Sisse Brimberg, paintings by Lloyd K. Townsend.
    A Buried Roman Town Gives Up Its Dead { On the Slope of Vesuvius, A Buried Roman Town Gives Up Its Dead}
    The people of Herculaneum were thought to have escaped the volcanic holocaust that destroyed the town and neighboring Pompeii in A. D. 79. But, as Joseph Judge and Jonathan Blair document, diggers are now finding skeletons of many victims.
    Contrary New Hampshire
    Robert Booth discovers the appeal of that stalwart, little taxed, 86 percent forested, fastest growing state in the U. S. Northeast. Photographs by Sandy Felsenthal.
    Family Life of Lions
    After four and a half years of fieldwork in Namibia, wildlife photojournalists Des and Jen Bartlett present a closeup view of the fascinating - - and sometimes frustrating - - lives of lions.
    The Mediterranean- -Sea of Man's Fate
    It washes the crowded shores of three continents, and the annals of its unstable basin are a tale of fire and fury told in rock. Rock Gore and photographer Jonathan Blair report. A double map supplement portrays the rumpled seafloor and the tides of hi;

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