National Geographic August 1982


Florida- -A Time for Reckoning
From palmy Key West to high- rise Jacksonville, from Deep South Panhandle to St. Petersburg’s park benches, Florida still beckons to a host of newcomers – – including, these days, those who bring problems rather than pensions. William S. Ellis reports o
Plight of the Bluefin Tuna
Michael J. A. Butler assesses the future of this fast, powerful fish prized by Japanese as an epicurean delight. Artist Stanley Meltzoff and photographer David Doubilet portray these magnificent beasts.
Paraguay, Paradox of South America { Paraguay, South American Paradox; Paraguay}
Boom times replace economic doldrums and relative calm prevails in a region known for political turbulence. Gordon Young reports on Latin America’s longest lived dictatorship, with photographs by O. Lois Mazzatenta.
Papua New Guinea { Nation in the Making}
Its people think of it as a center of the world, says Professor Robert J. Gordon, describing a little- known, surprising South Pacific country on a journey through time.
Papua New Guinea { Journey Through Time}
Only seven years a nation, Papua new Guinea makes slow but steady progress from Stone Age tribalism toward self- reliance and a national identity. Francois Leydet and photographer David Austen travel from jungled coast to isolated mountain villages.
Melville Bell Grosvenor, a Lifetime of Service { Melville Bell Grosvenor: 1901- 1982; Melville Bell Grosvenor’s Legacy; A Decade of Innovation, a Lifetime of Service}
The Geographic took off like a rocket with Melville at the helm. Colleagues’ remembrances fill Bart McDowell’s tribute to the former Editor, President, and Chairman of the Board of the Society, whose zestful life spanned 80 years.

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