National Geographic December 1982


President’s Report to Members { An Exciting Year of Discovery: Report to Members}
From unearthing lost cities to mapping the deep sea, your Society helps scientists cross new frontiers. Gilbert M. Grosvenor reviews 1982’s achievements and announces TV specials and major publications to come in 1983.
Lost Outpost of Ancient Egypt { Gaza Sands Yield Lost Outpost of the Egyptian Empire}
Tracking modern grave robbers to Gaza, Israeli archaeologist Trude Dothan finds 3, 300- year- old remains of an Egyptian settlement. Photographs by Sisse Brimberg, paintings by Lloyd K. Townsend.
A Buried Roman Town Gives Up Its Dead { On the Slope of Vesuvius, A Buried Roman Town Gives Up Its Dead}
The people of Herculaneum were thought to have escaped the volcanic holocaust that destroyed the town and neighboring Pompeii in A. D. 79. But, as Joseph Judge and Jonathan Blair document, diggers are now finding skeletons of many victims.
Contrary New Hampshire
Robert Booth discovers the appeal of that stalwart, little taxed, 86 percent forested, fastest growing state in the U. S. Northeast. Photographs by Sandy Felsenthal.
Family Life of Lions
After four and a half years of fieldwork in Namibia, wildlife photojournalists Des and Jen Bartlett present a closeup view of the fascinating – – and sometimes frustrating – – lives of lions.
The Mediterranean- -Sea of Man’s Fate
It washes the crowded shores of three continents, and the annals of its unstable basin are a tale of fire and fury told in rock. Rock Gore and photographer Jonathan Blair report. A double map supplement portrays the rumpled seafloor and the tides of hi;

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