National Geographic July 1982


Willa Cather: Voice of the Frontier { The Country of Willa Cather}
One of America’s premier modern writers, Willa Cather sang of the struggles and joys of early pioneers. Princeton English professor William Howarth and photographer Farrell Grehan journey to the regions that inspired her novels.
Seeking the Oldest Known Maya { Unearthing the Oldest Known Maya}
Digging through layers of antiquity, archaeologist Norman Hammond discovers the roots of Maya culture planted more than 1, 000 years earlier than previously thought. Lowell Georgia and Martha Cooper document the rich Cuello site in Belize, Central Americ
In the Wake of Sindbad
Retracing the route of the legendary seafarer, adventurer Tim Severin sails from Oman to China in a full- size replica of a medieval Arab ship. Photographs by Richard Greenhill.
Carrara Marble: Touchstone of Eternity
For 2, 000 years artists and artisans have treasured the noble stone of this Italian city. Cathy Newman and Pierre Boulat visit the quarries that provided Michelangelo the marble for his masterpieces.
The Ivory Coast- -African Success Story
Amid the turmoil of the African Continent – – and against a colorful backdrop of 60 diverse ethnic groups that comprise its population – – the Ivory Coast remains a model of economic and political stability. By Michael and Aubine Kirtley.
Peru’s Pilgrimage to the Sky
Robert Randall joins devout Andean Indians on an annual trek to a mountain sanctuary. Photographers Loren McIntyre and Ira Block record the event, a blend of ancient beliefs and Christianity.

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