National Geographic September 1982


T. R. ‘s Wilderness Legacy { Teddy Roosevelt’s Wilderness Legacy; Roosevelt Country: T. R. ‘s Wilderness Legacy}
The President who got the conservation movement off the ground, Theodore Roosevelt created wildlife refuges and greatly expanded national forests and parks. John L. Eliot looks at the naturalist side of the man better known for his Rough Riders, big sti;
Finding Jenne- Jeno, West Africa’s Oldest City { Finding West Africa’s Oldest City}
Archaeologists Susan Keech McIntosh and Roderick J. McIntosh lay bare the forgotten city of Jenne- jeno. Founded more than 2, 000 years ago, it flourished for a millennium before being abandoned about 1400. Michael and Aubine Kirtley photograph the dig.
Avalanche! { Battling the Juggernaut}
Science continues to devise new ways to deal with – – if not defeat – – death- dealing avalanches, and to rescue those caught in their paths. David Cupp reports.
Boom Times and Buccaneering: The Bahamas { The Bahamas: Boom Times and Buccaneering}
In this balmy playground of the Western world, not even troublemakers can spoil the fun, writer Peter Benchley and photographer Bruce Dale discover.
Avalanche! { Winter’s White Death}
Deadly, elusive, and unstoppable, David Cupp photographs an avalanche in action in Utah’s Wasatch Range.
Avalanche! { I’ m OK, I’ m Alive! }
David Cupp and photographer Lanny Johnson document the March 1982 tragedy at California’s Alpine Meadows ski resort that claimed seven lives, and the courage and fortitude of dedicated rescuers who saved four others.
Use and Abuse of Our National Forests { Our National Forests: Problems in Paradise; Fighting Forest Fires }
Can our forests be shared by all who want to use them – – forester, miner, rancher, backpacker? Rowe Findley explains the issues behind the debates over the future of the 191- million- acre U. S. National Forest System. Photographs by David Cupp.

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