1980 January – June


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  • National Geographic January 1980

    Utah Rock Art: Wilderness Louvre { Utah's Rock Art: Wilderness Louvre}
    Former park ranger Gary Smith records canyon figures and scenes left by a people lost in time.
    Voyager Views Jupiter's Dazzling Realm { What Voyager Saw: Jupiter's Dazzling Realm}
    Succeeding beyond scientists' dreams, two spacecraft discover a ring around the largest planet and active volcanoes on its moon . By Rick Gore, with photographs by NASA.
    Long- eared Owls- -Masters of the Night
    Photographer Art Wolfe takes a look into the homelife of a winged, deadly predator.
    Hokkaido- -Japan's Last Frontier
    On this northernmost and least populated Japanese island, Douglas Lee and photographer Michael S. Yamashita find wildlife and wild country - - and a hardy people with pioneer spirit.
    Can the Tallgrass Be Saved? { The Tallgrass Prairie: Can It Be Saved? }
    Lush grasslands once mantled much of the central United States; now controversy snarls efforts to preserve a few remnants. By Dennis Farney and photography Jim Brandenburg.
    Fair of the Berber Brides { Berber Brides' Fair}
    In Morocco's Atlas Mountains, Carla Hunt and Nik Wheeler visit a festival that brings couples together for instant marriage.
    Lily- Pad World Teems With Life { Life Around a Lily Pad}
    From diatoms to snapping turtles, thousands of creatures share a mini- world that subsists on and about a single floating leaf. Photographs by Bianca Lavies, with text by Charles R. Miller.

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  • National Geographic February 1980

    Visit to Forbidden Tibet { In Long- Forbidden Tibet}
    Few outsiders - - and only a handful of Western journalists - - have visited that remote, little- known land locked behind the high Himalayas. Fred Ward describes and photographs a people and a way of life slowly emerging from the past.
    The White Mountain Apache { Seeking the Best of Two Worlds}
    A white man who married into a White Mountain Apache family, tells of the tribe's achievements and frustrations on their modern- day reservation in Arizona.
    The White Mountain Apache { A Maiden Comes of Age; Coming of Age the Apache Way}
    A White Mountain Apache woman describes her Sunrise Dance, the tribe's traditional celebration marking the passage from girlhood to womanhood.
    The White Mountain Apache { Their Past and Future; At Peace With the Past, In Step With the Future}
    An Indian struggle to retain traditional ways in today's world is recounted by tribal leader Ronnie Lupe; by a young woman coming of age, Nita Quintero; and by a white reporter- photographer who married into the tribe, Bill Hess.
    The Pesticide Dilemma
    America's bounty from farm and forest rests on careful use of a billion pounds a year of insect and weed killers. How great are the risks of poisoning ourselves and our environment? Allen A. Boraiko and photographer Fred Ward document a crucial and gro;
    Tunisia: Sea, Sand, Success
    A North African Arab republic without much oil relies on education and human energy in the uphill battle faced by all developing nations. By Mike Edwards and David Alan Harvey, with a double supplement map of Africa.

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  • National Geographic March 1980

    Bali Festival of Faith { Bali Celebrates a Festival of Faith}
    The beauty and complexity of unique religious rites, held to restore harmony to the universe, are caught in a photographic essay by Fred and Margaret Eiseman, with text by Peter Miller.
    Creatures That Deceive to Survive { Deception: Formula for Survival}
    Nature's web holds many an impostor in disguise, looking amazingly like something it isn't, observes natural science photographer Robert F. Sisson.
    Treasure From a Celtic Tomb
    An educated hunch leads archaeologist Jorg Biel to dig into a rocky hillock in West Germany and uncover a nobleman's tomb of 25 centuries ago, the most important early Celtic find of this century. Photographs by Volkmar Wentzel.
    Greece: Getting the Most Out of Life { Greece: To Be Indomitable, To Be Joyous }
    Prospering under democratic rule and newly won membership in the European Economic Community, modern- day Greeks press on with their age- old business of getting the most out of life. Peter T. White and James P. Blair report.
    Home to North Carolina
    A California newspaperman returns to his native state to find that the Sunbelt boom has not spoiled its Tar Heel spirit and small- town flavor. By Neil Morgan, photographs by Bill Weems.
    Journey to China's Far West
    Rick Gore and Bruce Dale chronicle an awakening giant in what they are told is the best of times, as a National Geographic scientific team travels across rarely visited Chinese desert regions.

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  • National Geographic April 1980

    Unexpected Glory in Canada's Cold Seas { British Columbia's Cold Emerald Sea}
    David Doubilet takes his color cameras into the frigid, current- swept Strait of Georgia and brings back spectacular images of a teeming aquatic realm. Text by Larry Kohl.
    House of Prayer for All People { Washington Cathedral: House of Prayer for All People }
    For 73 years a Gothic masterpiece has risen stone by stone on the skyline of the Nation's Capital. Robert Paul Jordan and photographer Sisse Brimberg capture the majestic spirit of the Washington Cathedral.
    Temple Monkeys of Nepal
    Pampered and protected, rhesus monkeys living around two Katmandu shrines display half- wild, half- tame behavior, anthropologist Jane Teas discovers.
    It's a state of mind, author Howard La Fay and photographer Gordon W. Gahan confirm of that boisterous, burgeoning, economically potent, wide- open expense of modern America.
    Return to Estonia
    The homeland he fled as a child in World War II, a part of the Soviet Union since 1940, retains a spirit of individuality and accomplishment, staff writer Pritt J. Vesilind finds. Photographs by Cotton Coulson.
    Oursi, Magnet in the Desert
    French photographer Carole E. Devillers visits a village in Africa's Sahel where farmers and herdsmen share waters of a life- sustaining lake.

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  • National Geographic May 1980

    The St. Lawrence: Canada's Highway to the Sea { The St. Lawrence River}
    The bounty of two nations moves on one of the world's great rivers. But in winter, ice locks the gate. By William S. Ellis and Bruce Dale. A supplement map spotlights the region.
    Thailand: Refuge From Terror
    A million desperate people have fled from armed persecution and virtually certain death in Laos, Kampuchea ( Cambodia) , and Vietnam. Associate Editor W. E. Garret visits Thai border camps and talks with survivors.
    Cheetahs of the Serengeti { The Cheetah's Race for Survival; Cheetahs: In a Race for Survival}
    This swiftest of all mammals, savage in defense of its territory, faces possible extinction because of man's pressure in Africa. George W. and Lory Herbison Frame assess the peril.
    Long Island's Quiet Side
    Haven for farmer, fisherman, the rich and the famous, the isle's eastern end guards its past and its privacy, Jane Snow and Sam Abell find.
    Billion- Dollar Gamble in Brazil { Jari: A Billion- dollar Gamble}
    For a vast new enterprise in Brazil's rain forest, a pulp mill and a power plant are floated halfway around the world from Japan to the Amazon. Story and photographs by Loren McIntyre.
    Walking the Ocean Deep { A Walk in the Deep}
    Research gains a new tool as marine biologist Sylvia A. Earle dons an innovative diving suit and steps onto the seafloor 1, 250 feet down. Photographs by Al Giddings and Chuck Nicklin.
    One Family's Odyssey to America
    Australian photojournalist John Everingham accompanies a Hmong family across a cultural gulf between their village life in the Laos mountains and a small Wisconsin farm town.

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  • National Geographic June 1980

    The Mystery of the Shroud { Science Seeks to Solve. .. The Mystery of the Shroud}
    How was the faint human image on the hallowed Shroud of Turin formed? Could it be that of Jesus? Kenneth F. Weaver reports on intriguing new investigations by modern science.
    Chincoteague, Watermen's Island Home
    Nathaniel T. Kenney returns to his father's birthplace, a Virginia coastal isle famed for briny oysters and wild- pony auctions, and finds that life there retains the same simple graces he knew as a boy. Photographs by James L. Amos.
    The Mexican Americans: A People on the Move
    In the four Southwest border states, residents of Mexican heritage- already millions strong- are growing in numbers, pride, and political power. Griffin Smith, Jr. , and photographer Stephanie Maze tour Mexico U. S. A.
    Living With Orangutans { Living With the Great Orange Apes: Indonesia's Orangutans}
    Anthropologist Birute M. F. Galdikas, after eight years of close study of the great orange apes of Indonesian Borneo, tells of their strong maternal instincts, curiosity, ability to learn sign language - - and her own son's first years growing up among
    Heart of the Canadian Rockies
    Nine million visitors a year to Banff and Jasper National Parks share a high realm of snowfields and forests, bighorns, bear, and moose. By Elizabeth A. Moize and Jim Brandenburg.
    Mississippi's Grand Reunion at the Neshoba County Fair
    For one spirit- renewing week each summer, the Neshoba County Fair mixes people, politics, and plain old- time conviviality in a temporary cabin town. Carolyn Bennett Patterson describes the event, photographed by C. C. Lockwood.

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