National Geographic June 1980


The Mystery of the Shroud { Science Seeks to Solve. .. The Mystery of the Shroud}
How was the faint human image on the hallowed Shroud of Turin formed? Could it be that of Jesus? Kenneth F. Weaver reports on intriguing new investigations by modern science.
Chincoteague, Watermen’s Island Home
Nathaniel T. Kenney returns to his father’s birthplace, a Virginia coastal isle famed for briny oysters and wild- pony auctions, and finds that life there retains the same simple graces he knew as a boy. Photographs by James L. Amos.
The Mexican Americans: A People on the Move
In the four Southwest border states, residents of Mexican heritage- already millions strong- are growing in numbers, pride, and political power. Griffin Smith, Jr. , and photographer Stephanie Maze tour Mexico U. S. A.
Living With Orangutans { Living With the Great Orange Apes: Indonesia’s Orangutans}
Anthropologist Birute M. F. Galdikas, after eight years of close study of the great orange apes of Indonesian Borneo, tells of their strong maternal instincts, curiosity, ability to learn sign language – – and her own son’s first years growing up among
Heart of the Canadian Rockies
Nine million visitors a year to Banff and Jasper National Parks share a high realm of snowfields and forests, bighorns, bear, and moose. By Elizabeth A. Moize and Jim Brandenburg.
Mississippi’s Grand Reunion at the Neshoba County Fair
For one spirit- renewing week each summer, the Neshoba County Fair mixes people, politics, and plain old- time conviviality in a temporary cabin town. Carolyn Bennett Patterson describes the event, photographed by C. C. Lockwood.

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