National Geographic May 1980


The St. Lawrence: Canada’s Highway to the Sea { The St. Lawrence River}
The bounty of two nations moves on one of the world’s great rivers. But in winter, ice locks the gate. By William S. Ellis and Bruce Dale. A supplement map spotlights the region.
Thailand: Refuge From Terror
A million desperate people have fled from armed persecution and virtually certain death in Laos, Kampuchea ( Cambodia) , and Vietnam. Associate Editor W. E. Garret visits Thai border camps and talks with survivors.
Cheetahs of the Serengeti { The Cheetah’s Race for Survival; Cheetahs: In a Race for Survival}
This swiftest of all mammals, savage in defense of its territory, faces possible extinction because of man’s pressure in Africa. George W. and Lory Herbison Frame assess the peril.
Long Island’s Quiet Side
Haven for farmer, fisherman, the rich and the famous, the isle’s eastern end guards its past and its privacy, Jane Snow and Sam Abell find.
Billion- Dollar Gamble in Brazil { Jari: A Billion- dollar Gamble}
For a vast new enterprise in Brazil’s rain forest, a pulp mill and a power plant are floated halfway around the world from Japan to the Amazon. Story and photographs by Loren McIntyre.
Walking the Ocean Deep { A Walk in the Deep}
Research gains a new tool as marine biologist Sylvia A. Earle dons an innovative diving suit and steps onto the seafloor 1, 250 feet down. Photographs by Al Giddings and Chuck Nicklin.
One Family’s Odyssey to America
Australian photojournalist John Everingham accompanies a Hmong family across a cultural gulf between their village life in the Laos mountains and a small Wisconsin farm town.

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