National Geographic January 1980


Utah Rock Art: Wilderness Louvre { Utah’s Rock Art: Wilderness Louvre}
Former park ranger Gary Smith records canyon figures and scenes left by a people lost in time.
Voyager Views Jupiter’s Dazzling Realm { What Voyager Saw: Jupiter’s Dazzling Realm}
Succeeding beyond scientists’ dreams, two spacecraft discover a ring around the largest planet and active volcanoes on its moon . By Rick Gore, with photographs by NASA.
Long- eared Owls- -Masters of the Night
Photographer Art Wolfe takes a look into the homelife of a winged, deadly predator.
Hokkaido- -Japan’s Last Frontier
On this northernmost and least populated Japanese island, Douglas Lee and photographer Michael S. Yamashita find wildlife and wild country – – and a hardy people with pioneer spirit.
Can the Tallgrass Be Saved? { The Tallgrass Prairie: Can It Be Saved? }
Lush grasslands once mantled much of the central United States; now controversy snarls efforts to preserve a few remnants. By Dennis Farney and photography Jim Brandenburg.
Fair of the Berber Brides { Berber Brides’ Fair}
In Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, Carla Hunt and Nik Wheeler visit a festival that brings couples together for instant marriage.
Lily- Pad World Teems With Life { Life Around a Lily Pad}
From diatoms to snapping turtles, thousands of creatures share a mini- world that subsists on and about a single floating leaf. Photographs by Bianca Lavies, with text by Charles R. Miller.

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