2013 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 2013

    Mars Gets Its Close-Up

    The rover Curiosity is taking red planets portraits.

    It All Began in Chaos

    The giant planets didn't always sit where they are today. Our solar system was shaped by a wild and stormy youth.

    Last Song for Migrating Birds

    Across the Mediterranean millions are killed by food, profit, and cruel amusement.

    Our Missing Ancestor

    Meet a mysterious member of the human family.

    Genes Are Us

    Humans share a quarter of their genes with a grain of rice - as sign of our common heritage.

    Daniel Kish: Bat Man

    Blind since 13 months, he explores the world - and even rides a bike - by clicking his tongue.

    Hay Beautiful

    A walk through the grass-growing meadows of Transylvania will cheer your spirits. The old art of making hay is the reason.

    The Comeback Croc

    Thirty years ago the yacare caiman seemed doomed to a leathery death. What happened?

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  • National Geographic August 2013

    The Surprising Life of Lions

    The only cat that's truly social is the lion. But why ... and how? To find out, our team spent many months with the prides of the Serengeti.

    Living With Lions

    Africa's lions may number no more than 35,000. In Kenya a program called Lion Guardians points to a way to save the beleaguered cats.

    Sugar Love: A Not So Sweet Tale

    We were smitten 10,000 years ago on the island of New Guinea. Today the average American downs 22.7 teaspoons a day.

    Underwater Secrets of the Maya

    "I saw it, I saw it! Yes, it's true!" the archaeologist shouts: divine light at the bottom of a natural well.

    Cave Bravery

    Technology is redefining how caves are explored.

    Sunita Williams: Spacewalker

    The astronaut steps into the void.

    Behind the Painted Elephant

    In India the animal is a treasure - and sometimes also a work of art.

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  • National Geographic September 2013

    Rising Seas

    They're inevitable. And they're sure to be costly - especially if we don't prepare. Coastal cities are turning to the Netherlands for guidance.

    { Special Poster } If All the Ice Melted

    Australia's Big Bird

    The cassowary is a standout: Six feet tall, 160-plus pounds, and dad sits on the eggs.

    Climbing Untamed Antarctica

    The first thing that the team members learned: Don't attach yourself to a kite.

    Space Mountains

    Planets have them too. And they dwarf Everest.

    JR: Prince of Prints

    From Cuba to Kenya, the bold artist makes political points with his giant portraits.

    Urban Pulse of the Congo

    The miracle of Kinshasa is that amid the chaos of this capital city, artists survive and thrive.

    Failure Is an Option

    History shows that without it, we'd be nowhere.

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  • National Geographic October 2013

    125th Anniversary Collector's Edition
    The Photo Issue - The Power of Photography


    Why Photos Matter

    Cameras have changed our world.

    The Price of Precious

    The minerals in our electronic devices have bankrolled unspeakable violence in the Congo.

    Glacial Meltdown

    Glaciers are supposed to advance and retreat slowly. Now we watch them melt before our eyes.

    Changing Faces

    Meet the growing number of folks for whom race is no longer just a matter of black or white.

    The Real North Korea

    Candid images reveal what it's like inside this closed society.

    Visions on Earth

    Using the ground as a canvas, a photographer conjures unexpected images of famous parks.

    Building the Ark

    Zoos must choose between the most popular animals and the ones we many never see again.

    The Visual Village

    We're all photographers now.

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  • National Geographic November 2013

    Last Days of a Storm Chaser

    For years Time Samaras pursued tornadoes for the sake of science, always taking great pains to stay safe. Then came the storm of May 2013.

    Paradise Revisited

    Seventeen years ago David Doubilet fell in love with the reefs of Kimbe Bay. At long last, he has returned to the Pacific paradise.

    Mapping a New America

    On a venture to rival Lewis and Clark's, we're exploring our vast watery frontier.

    The War for Nigeria

    They call it "the crisis": Islamist terrorists are trying to gain control of the north.

    Norway's Otherworldly Coast

    It has 63,000 miles of fjords, bays, island shores.

    Vicki Jensen: Virus Catcher

    In her airtight space suit she looks for cures.

    Excavation Impossible

    When digging is taboo, fate may unearth the past.

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  • National Geographic December 2013

    Out of Eden
    "Are you crazy?" That's one of the first questions the author heard as he began his 21,000-mile trek.

    English by the Book

    Experts dig into the roots of words.

    Ghost Cats

    Radio collars and camera traps reveal the haunts of the elusive cougar - in L.A. and beyond.

    First Skiers

    The origin of the sport may lie in remote Chinese mountains, where skiing is still a way of life.

    Virtually Immortal

    Lasers scan landmarks like Mount Rushmore, creating a digital record to guide any future rehab.

    The Unexplored Walrus

    It's doting and dangerous, graceful and lumbering.

    The Weed That Won the West

    It came from Russia. And it tumbled. A lot.

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