National Geographic April 1980


Unexpected Glory in Canada’s Cold Seas { British Columbia’s Cold Emerald Sea}
David Doubilet takes his color cameras into the frigid, current- swept Strait of Georgia and brings back spectacular images of a teeming aquatic realm. Text by Larry Kohl.
House of Prayer for All People { Washington Cathedral: House of Prayer for All People }
For 73 years a Gothic masterpiece has risen stone by stone on the skyline of the Nation’s Capital. Robert Paul Jordan and photographer Sisse Brimberg capture the majestic spirit of the Washington Cathedral.
Temple Monkeys of Nepal
Pampered and protected, rhesus monkeys living around two Katmandu shrines display half- wild, half- tame behavior, anthropologist Jane Teas discovers.
It’s a state of mind, author Howard La Fay and photographer Gordon W. Gahan confirm of that boisterous, burgeoning, economically potent, wide- open expense of modern America.
Return to Estonia
The homeland he fled as a child in World War II, a part of the Soviet Union since 1940, retains a spirit of individuality and accomplishment, staff writer Pritt J. Vesilind finds. Photographs by Cotton Coulson.
Oursi, Magnet in the Desert
French photographer Carole E. Devillers visits a village in Africa’s Sahel where farmers and herdsmen share waters of a life- sustaining lake.

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