National Geographic July 2008


Tyrannosaur Trap { The Real Jurassic Park}
An ancient death struggle tells its story in stone. By Peter Gwin Photographs by Ira Block
Bolivia’s New Order { Bolivia}
The country’s indigenous people assert their power. By Alma Guillermoprieto Photographs by George Steinmetz
The Altiplano { Altiplano; Altiplano: Where Bolivia Meets the Sky}
Otherworldly is the word for Bolivia’s sky- high plain. By Alma Guillermoprieto Photographs by George Steinmetz
Kingman Reef { An Uneasy Eden: Kingman Reef}
Is this our last, best look at what a coral reef should be? By Kennedy Warne Photographs by Brian Skerry
Who Murdered the Mountain Gorillas? { Virunga Gorillas; Who Murdered the Virunga Gorillas? }
Murder haunts Africa’s oldest park. By Mark Jenkins Photographs by Brent Stirton
Why the West is Burning { Wildfires; Under Fire: Why the West is Burning}
Flames threaten the American West. Again. By Neil Shea Photographs by Mark Thiessen

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