National Geographic September 2008


Desperate Measure: Elephant Management
The grim practice of culling elephants may resume. By Karen E. Lange
How Sailfish Hunt { In the Whirl: Sailfish}
Sails raised, colors gleaming, they round up prey. By Jennifer S. Holland Photographs by Paul Nicklen
Bolivia’s Women Wrestlers { Bolivia’s Wrestlers; Bolivia’s Wrestlers: Cholitas Fight Back! }
Women compete in petticoats, bowlers, and bling. By Alma Guillermoprieto Photographs by Ivan Kashinsky
Haiti Soil { Dirt Poor: Haiti Soil}
Haiti’s degraded land can’t grow enough food. By Joel K. Bourne, Jr.
An Elephant Love Story { Elephants of Samburu; Family Ties: The Elephants of Samburu}
An African love story. By David Quammen Photographs by Michael Nichols
The Green Sahara { Green Sahara; Lost Tribes of the Green Sahara}
Uncovering a mysterious Stone Age graveyard. By Peter Gwin Photographs by Mike Hettwer
Where Food Begins { Soil; Our Good Earth: Soil}
The future rests on soil. Can we protect it? By Charles C. Mann Photographs by Jim Richardson

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