National Geographic October 2008


Right Whale Watch { Right Whales; Right Whales: On the Brink, On the Rebound}
The North Atlantic species hangs in the balance. By Douglas H. Chadwick Photographs by Brian Skerry
Flamboyant Bee- Eaters { Bee- Eaters; Painting the Sky: Bee- Eaters}
The colorful bee- eater bird wings across three continents. By Bruce Barcott Photographs by Jozsef L. Szentpeteri
High in the Ozarks { Ozark Highlands Trail; The Intimate Wild: Ozark Highlands Trail}
An uncrowded trail traverses the Arkansas highlands. By Mel White Photographs by Peter Essick
Life in India’s Fast Lane { India’s Fast Lane; India’s Superhighway; India Highway; Fast Lane to the Future: India’s Superhighway}
Superhighways are reshaping the nation’s future. By Don Belt Photographs by Ed Kashi
The Other Humans: Neanderthals Revealed { Neanderthals; Last of the Neanderthals}
Why did our Ice Age rivals vanish? By Stephen S. Hall Photographs by David Liittschwager Reconstruction by Kennis & Kennis Photos by Joe McNally

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