National Geographic June 2008


Tracking Snow Leopards { Snow Leopards; Out of the Shadows: Snow Leopards}
On the trail of Central Asia’s elusive big cats. By Douglas H. Chadwick Photographs by Steve Winter
Nudibranchs: Living Color { Living Color: Nudibranchs}
Humble sea slugs turn self- defense into art. By Jennifer S. Holland Photographs by David Doubilet
Siberian Oil Boom { Frozen Assets; Siberian Oil; Send Me to Siberia: Oil Transforms a Russian Outpost}
Awash in oil wealth, Siberia goes upscale. By Paul Starobin Photographs by Gerd Ludwig
Afghanistan’s Hidden Treasure { Afghan Treasure; Afghan Treasures; Afghanistan’s Hidden Treasures}
How a trove of priceless antiquities survived. By Roger Atwood Photographs by Richard Barnes
Secrets of Stonehenge { Stonehenge; If the Stones Could Speak: Searching for the Meaning of Stonehenge}
New finds raise tantalizing questions. By Caroline Alexander Photographs by Ken Geiger
World Oil Bust? { World Oil; Tapped Out: World Oil}
Supplies are faltering while demand surges. By Paul Roberts

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