National Geographic January 2008


Gorilla Family { Western Gorillas; In the Presence of Giants: Western Gorillas}
Kingo and his family of reclusive lowland gorillas live wild and free in the Congo Basin of central Africa. BY MARK JENKINS PHOTOGRAPHS BY IAN NICHOLS
Indonesia’s Ring of Fire: Volcano Gods { Living With Volcanoes; Indonesia’s Volcanoes; The Gods Must Be Restless: Living in the Shadow of Indonesia’s Volcanoes}
In Indonesia, life plays out in the shadow of fiery peaks. BY ANDREW MARSHALL PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOHN STANMEYER
Mud Eruption { The Unstoppable Mud; Drowning in Mud}
A different kind of eruption wreaks havoc in East Java. BY ANDREW MARSHALL PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOHN STANMEYER
Emptied Prairie { The Emptied Prairie}
North Dakota ghost towns speak of an irreversible decline. BY CHARLES BOWDEN PHOTOGRAPHS BY EUGENE RICHARDS
Ancient Art of India { India’s Ancient Art; India Temple Art; Faces of the Divine: India Temple Art}
Fifth- century painters created stunning murals in dim man- made caves. A gifted photographer brings them to light. BY TOM O’ NEILL PHOTOGRAPHS BY BENOY K. BEHL
Himalaya Winter Climb { Himalaya Ice Warriors; Ice Warriors: Nanga Parbat}
A Polish climbing team takes on Pakistan’s deadly Nanga Parbat. BY MARK JENKINS PHOTOGRAPHS BY TOMMY HEINRICH
Why Recycle? { Recycling: The Big Picture}
It’s worth the effort to turn bottles and cans into new products. BY TOM ZELLER, JR.
High- Tech Trash
Toxic components of discarded electronics are ending up overseas. BY CHRIS CARROLL PHOTOGRAPHS BY PETER ESSICK

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