2007 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 2007

    Birds of Paradise { Birds Gone Wild; Feathers of Seduction}
    New Guinea's birds of paradise have the campiest costumes- and the craziest mating game- in the feathered kingdom. BY JENNIFER S. HOLLAND PHOTOGRAPHS BY TIM LAMAN
    Malaria: Stopping a Global Killer { Raging Malaria; Malaria; Bedlam in the Blood: Malaria}
    The rapidly spreading disease affects more people than ever before. But until recently, the outcry has been muted. BY MICHAEL FINKEL PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOHN STANMEYER
    Iceman Murder Mystery { Iceman Mystery; Who Iced the Iceman? ; Last Hours of the Iceman}
    Scientists have poked, prodded, and x- rayed the 5, 000- year- old mummy found in the Alps. They now think he was murdered. BY STEPHEN S. HALL ART BY KAZUHIKO SANO
    Alaska's Great Rain Forest { Logging Jam; Tongass National Forest; The Truth about Tongass}
    Lumber mills still harvest old- growth trees in Alaska's Tongass National Forest. Conservationists are fighting to stop the saws. BY DOUGLAS H. CHADWICK PHOTOGRAPHS BY MELISSA FARLOW
    The Genius of Swarms { Swarm Theory}
    A single ant or bee isn't smart, but their colonies are. The study of swarm intelligence is providing insights that can help humans manage complex systems, from truck routing to military robots. BY PETER MILLER

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  • National Geographic August 2007

    Hunting Narwhals { Narwhals; Arctic Ivory: Hunting the Narwhal}
    Medieval royalty coveted the Arctic whale's long ivory tusk. So do modern hunters, and that's taking a toll on the population. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY PAUL NICKLEN
    Maya: How a Great Culture Rose and Fell { Maya Mysteries; Maya Rise; Maya Portfolio; Maya Collapse; The Maya: Glory and Ruin}
    Scholars have long puzzled over the Maya civilization's rise to glory and fall to ruin. The latest thinking is that a man named Fire Is Born made the Maya great. But no one person or problem caused the collapse. Simply put, everything went wrong. BY GUY
    The Secret Lives of Ants { Fantastic Ants; Ants; Ants: Able Bodies}
    Things you likely didn't know about ants: They groom each other. They use tools. And they love hang gliding. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARK W. MOFFETT
    Mexican Cowboys { Mexico's Trail of Faith; Pilgrim Cowboys; Mexico's Pilgrim Cowboys}
    Thousands of Mexican riders make the yearly journey to Guanajuato's 65- foot- tall statue of Cristo Rey, Christ the King. BY ALEXANDRA FULLER PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID ALAN HARVEY
    Should New Orleans Rebuild? { The Perils of New Orleans; New Orleans; New Orleans: A Perilous Future}
    With seas rising, storms getting stronger, and ground subsiding, another disaster like Katrina seems inevitable. Yet some residents would rather run that risk than leave the place they call home. BY JOEL K. BOURNE, JR. PHOTOGRAPHS BY TYRONE TURNER


    Included: Map of Mexico and Central America showing land cover, including evergreen forest, deciduous forest, woodland, grassland, cropland, shrubland, bare ground, population, and roads; inset maps showing formation of a land bridge between North Americ
    MEXICO & CENTRAL AMERICA(20 1/8 x 31 in.)
    Included: Political map of Mexico and Central America; chart showing flags, capitals, population, GDP per capita, literacy, and languages for Mexico and Central America; inset map showing extent of Olmec culture, with notes on monumental sculptures of ba

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  • National Geographic September 2007

    Cave Crawlers { Cave Creatures; Discoveries In the Dark: Troglobites}
    Eyeless spiders, translucent millipedes, 175- year- old crayfish, and other odd cave dwellers face an uncertain future. BY KEVIN KRAJICK PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID LIITTSCHWAGER
    Vesuvius Countdown { Vesuvius; Vesuvius: Asleep For Now}
    In A. D. 79, the world's most dangerous volcano buried the town of Pompeii. The next blast could be much bigger. BY STEPHEN S. HALL PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CLARK
    Glacier- Waterton { Glacier- Waterton: Crown of the Continent}
    By 2030, Glacier National Park may have lost all its glaciers. But with turquoise lakes, bighorn sheep, and two- mile- high peaks, Glacier- Waterton will always be a wonderland. BY DOUGLAS H. CHADWICK PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL MELFORD
    Indonesia's Undersea Eden { Raja Ampat; Ultra Marine: Raja Ampat}
    Efforts are in high gear to safeguard the coral reefs of far eastern Indonesia, where biologists have found a trove of biodiversity. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID DOUBILET
    Islam's Fault Line: Pakistan { Pakistan; Struggle for the Soul of Pakistan}
    The nation's efforts to straddle the fault line between moderate and militant Islam offer a cautionary tale for the post- 9/ 11 world. BY DON BELT PHOTOGRAPHS BY REZA
    Bog Bodies { Tales From the Bog}
    Using CT scans and radiocarbon dating, investigators hope to make sense of the bodies preserved in Europe's wetlands. BY KAREN E. LANGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CLARK

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  • National Geographic October 2007

    Sky- High View of Latin America { Latin America From the Sky; Latin America; Through the Eyes of the Condor}
    A condor's- eye view reveals a colorful mosaic of smoldering volcanoes, gleaming tin and tile roofs, and fanciful flamingos. INTRODUCTION BY MARIE ARANA PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT B. HAAS
    Malacca Pirates { Dangerous Straits; Strait of Malacca; The Strait of Malacca: Dark Passage}
    Modern pirates have long plagued Southeast Asia's Strait of Malacca, robbing sailors, kidnapping crews, and stealing entire ships. BY PETER GWIN PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOHN STANMEYER
    Growing Fuel: The Wrong Way, The Right Way { Biofuels: Boon or Boondoggle? ; Biofuels; Green Dreams}
    Producing fuel from corn and other crops could be good for the planet- if only the process didn't take a significant environmental toll. New breakthroughs could make a difference. BY JOEL K. BOURNE, JR. PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT CLARK
    The Carbon Crisis { Confronting Carbon; Carbon's New Math}
    The CO2 from fossil fuels lingers in the atmosphere, so global warming can't be undone. But catastrophe can still be averted. BY BILL McKIBBEN MAP SUPPLEMENT: CHANGING CLIMATE
    Animals, Humans Trade Disease { Infectious Animals; Zoonotic Diseases; Deadly Contact}
    When zoonotic diseases pass from animals to humans, pandemics can result. Scientists are tracking lethal new viruses. BY DAVID QUAMMEN PHOTOGRAPHS BY LYNN JOHNSON
    Space Age Turns Fifty { The Space Age at 50; Space: The Next Generation}
    Sputnik left Earth a half century ago this month. Now proponents hope to revive the romance of human space exploration. BY GUY GUGLIOTTA


    CHANGING CLIMATE(31 x 20 inches)
    Contents: Map of world showing surface temperature change, 1976- 2006, and population density ( people/ square mile) ; map of world showing percent change in average annual precipitation, 1976- 2005; chart showing impacts of rising average global surface
    GREENHOUSE EARTH(31 x 20 inches)
    Contents: Diagram of the greenhouse effect, showing how the global thermostat is set by the amount of solar energy retained by Earth' s atmosphere. ; Included: Atmospheric gases ( carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, ozo

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  • National Geographic November 2007

    Memory: Why We Remember, Why We Forget { Memory; Remember This; When Memory Ends }
    A brain can recall almost everything, or practically nothing. Scientists are busy probing the mysteries of memory. BY JOSHUA FOER PHOTOGRAPHS BY MAGGIE STEBER
    Hidden Life in the Sea { Marine Miniatures; Small Wonders: Marine Microfauna}
    A dipperful of seawater reveals an amazing hodgepodge of microfauna, from gelatinous shape- shifters to a baby octopus. INTRODUCTION BY JENNIFER S. HOLLAND PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID LIITTSCHWAGER
    Hunters: Conserving the Land { Conserving Hunters; Hunters; Hunters: For Love of the Land}
    Strong supporters of land and wildlife conservation, hunters in the U. S. are in decline. Will a new generation take the field? BY ROBERT M. POOLE PHOTOGRAPHS BY WILLIAM ALBERT ALLARD
    The Two Worlds of Tonga { Tonga; While the King Sleeps Democracy Stirs in Tonga, the Pacific's Last True Monarchy}
    The island nation embraces both age- old tradition and modern values, including a 99 percent literacy rate. Now democracy is astir in the South Pacific's last monarchy. BY MATTHEW TEAGUE PHOTOGRAPHS BY AMY TOENSING
    New Visions From Hubble { Hubble Vision; Hubble Telescope; Raising Heaven: Hubble Telescope}
    Nearly 20 years after its launch, the Hubble Space Telescope casts its steady gaze deeper into the secrets of an expanding universe. BY TIMOTHY FERRIS
    Death Valley { Death Valley: Where Rocks Go Wandering}
    In America's hottest and lowest place- its largest national park outside Alaska- dust can turn day into twilight, and rocks move unseen across the desert. BY TIM CAHILL PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL MELFORD

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  • National Geographic December 2007

    Bethlehem { Bethlehem 2007 A. D. }
    The birthplace of Jesus is today one of the most contentious places on Earth. Israelis fear Bethlehem's radicalized residents, who seethe at the concrete wall that surrounds them. BY MICHAEL FINKEL PHOTOGRAPHS BY CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON
    Permafrost's Precarious Beauty { Frozen Ground; Permafrost; Cold Scapes}
    Vast reaches of the planet have been locked for millennia in stunning permafrost formations. But perhaps not permanently. ESSAY BY BARRY LOPEZ PHOTOGRAPHS BY BERNHARD EDMAIER
    Big Bad Bizarre Dinosaurs { Extreme Dinosaurs}
    Fossil finds are revealing how evolution took some dinosaurs in bizarre directions, from domed skulls to sickle- shaped toenails. ESSAY BY JOHN UPDIKE PHOTOGRAPHS BY IRA BLOCK ART BY PIXELDUST STUDIOS AND RENEGADE 9 ART TEXT BY PETER GWIN SPECIAL SUPPLEM
    Wings of the Albatross { Albatrosses; On the Wings of the Albatross}
    Carried by the longest wingspans of any bird, they soar for thousands of miles without ever setting webbed foot on land. BY CARL SAFINA PHOTOGRAPHS BY FRANS LANTING
    21st- Century Cowboys: Why the Spirit Endures
    Conditions are tough, the pay is lousy, and there is no quittin'time. So why do cowboys love their job? BY ROBERT DRAPER PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBB KENDRICK


    Contents: Images of selected dinosaurs that inhabited the landmass of Gondwana. ; Included: [ Paralititan] ; [ Spinosaurus] ; [ Afrovenator] ; [ Nigersaurus] ; [ Majungasaurus] ; [ Masiakasaurus] ; [ Leaellynasaura] ; [ Carnotaurus] ; [ Amargasaurus] ; [
    Contents: Images of selected dinosaurs that inhabited the landmass of Laurasia. ; Included: [ Mamenchisaurus] ; [ Tyrannosaurus] ; [ Gigantoraptor] ; [ Parasaurolophus] ; [ Erketu] ; [ Velociraptor] ; [ Sinosauropteryx] ; Tuojiangosaurus] ; [ Mononykus]

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