National Geographic August 2007


Hunting Narwhals { Narwhals; Arctic Ivory: Hunting the Narwhal}
Medieval royalty coveted the Arctic whale’s long ivory tusk. So do modern hunters, and that’s taking a toll on the population. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY PAUL NICKLEN
Maya: How a Great Culture Rose and Fell { Maya Mysteries; Maya Rise; Maya Portfolio; Maya Collapse; The Maya: Glory and Ruin}
Scholars have long puzzled over the Maya civilization’s rise to glory and fall to ruin. The latest thinking is that a man named Fire Is Born made the Maya great. But no one person or problem caused the collapse. Simply put, everything went wrong. BY GUY
The Secret Lives of Ants { Fantastic Ants; Ants; Ants: Able Bodies}
Things you likely didn’t know about ants: They groom each other. They use tools. And they love hang gliding. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARK W. MOFFETT
Mexican Cowboys { Mexico’s Trail of Faith; Pilgrim Cowboys; Mexico’s Pilgrim Cowboys}
Thousands of Mexican riders make the yearly journey to Guanajuato’s 65- foot- tall statue of Cristo Rey, Christ the King. BY ALEXANDRA FULLER PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID ALAN HARVEY
Should New Orleans Rebuild? { The Perils of New Orleans; New Orleans; New Orleans: A Perilous Future}
With seas rising, storms getting stronger, and ground subsiding, another disaster like Katrina seems inevitable. Yet some residents would rather run that risk than leave the place they call home. BY JOEL K. BOURNE, JR. PHOTOGRAPHS BY TYRONE TURNER


Included: Map of Mexico and Central America showing land cover, including evergreen forest, deciduous forest, woodland, grassland, cropland, shrubland, bare ground, population, and roads; inset maps showing formation of a land bridge between North Americ
MEXICO & CENTRAL AMERICA(20 1/8 x 31 in.)
Included: Political map of Mexico and Central America; chart showing flags, capitals, population, GDP per capita, literacy, and languages for Mexico and Central America; inset map showing extent of Olmec culture, with notes on monumental sculptures of ba

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