National Geographic November 2007


Memory: Why We Remember, Why We Forget { Memory; Remember This; When Memory Ends }
A brain can recall almost everything, or practically nothing. Scientists are busy probing the mysteries of memory. BY JOSHUA FOER PHOTOGRAPHS BY MAGGIE STEBER
Hidden Life in the Sea { Marine Miniatures; Small Wonders: Marine Microfauna}
A dipperful of seawater reveals an amazing hodgepodge of microfauna, from gelatinous shape- shifters to a baby octopus. INTRODUCTION BY JENNIFER S. HOLLAND PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID LIITTSCHWAGER
Hunters: Conserving the Land { Conserving Hunters; Hunters; Hunters: For Love of the Land}
Strong supporters of land and wildlife conservation, hunters in the U. S. are in decline. Will a new generation take the field? BY ROBERT M. POOLE PHOTOGRAPHS BY WILLIAM ALBERT ALLARD
The Two Worlds of Tonga { Tonga; While the King Sleeps Democracy Stirs in Tonga, the Pacific’s Last True Monarchy}
The island nation embraces both age- old tradition and modern values, including a 99 percent literacy rate. Now democracy is astir in the South Pacific’s last monarchy. BY MATTHEW TEAGUE PHOTOGRAPHS BY AMY TOENSING
New Visions From Hubble { Hubble Vision; Hubble Telescope; Raising Heaven: Hubble Telescope}
Nearly 20 years after its launch, the Hubble Space Telescope casts its steady gaze deeper into the secrets of an expanding universe. BY TIMOTHY FERRIS
Death Valley { Death Valley: Where Rocks Go Wandering}
In America’s hottest and lowest place- its largest national park outside Alaska- dust can turn day into twilight, and rocks move unseen across the desert. BY TIM CAHILL PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL MELFORD

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