National Geographic July 2007


Birds of Paradise { Birds Gone Wild; Feathers of Seduction}
New Guinea’s birds of paradise have the campiest costumes- and the craziest mating game- in the feathered kingdom. BY JENNIFER S. HOLLAND PHOTOGRAPHS BY TIM LAMAN
Malaria: Stopping a Global Killer { Raging Malaria; Malaria; Bedlam in the Blood: Malaria}
The rapidly spreading disease affects more people than ever before. But until recently, the outcry has been muted. BY MICHAEL FINKEL PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOHN STANMEYER
Iceman Murder Mystery { Iceman Mystery; Who Iced the Iceman? ; Last Hours of the Iceman}
Scientists have poked, prodded, and x- rayed the 5, 000- year- old mummy found in the Alps. They now think he was murdered. BY STEPHEN S. HALL ART BY KAZUHIKO SANO
Alaska’s Great Rain Forest { Logging Jam; Tongass National Forest; The Truth about Tongass}
Lumber mills still harvest old- growth trees in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest. Conservationists are fighting to stop the saws. BY DOUGLAS H. CHADWICK PHOTOGRAPHS BY MELISSA FARLOW
The Genius of Swarms { Swarm Theory}
A single ant or bee isn’t smart, but their colonies are. The study of swarm intelligence is providing insights that can help humans manage complex systems, from truck routing to military robots. BY PETER MILLER

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