2003 July – December


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  • National Geographic July 2003

    Dangerous Divide { Divided Korea: Face- Off Along the DMZ; Korea's DMZ: Dangerous Divide}
    Dangerous Divide As North Korea steps up its nuclear threat, it's business as usual along the DMZ- the narrow strip of land that has split the Korean peninsula for 50 years. There the two armies, the South's backed by 20, 000 U. S. troops, wait for the
    The Animal Mating Game { Animal Attraction: It's His Show, But It's Her Choice}
    Animal Attraction Males will do whatever it takes to win the mating game: sing, dance, fight a rival, build a house, give a gift. But in the end, it's usually the females who do the choosing. BY VIRGINIA MORELL
    Everybody Loves Atlantic Salmon: Here's the Catch. .. { Where Have All the Salmon Gone? ; Atlantic Salmon}
    Atlantic Salmon Farm- raised salmon now outnumber wild fish nearly 85 to one. As wild stocks dwindle, this legendary sport fish has become the veritable chicken of the sea. BY FEN MONTAIGNE PHOTOGRAPHS BY PAUL NICKLEN
    One Day, Three Peaks { Three Peaks Challenge; A Mad Dash Up 3 Peaks in 3 Countries: It's All in a Day's Climb}
    Three Peaks Challenge How to be a Three Peaker: Run up the mountain. Run down the mountain. Do it three times in three different countries. And finish in under 24 hours. BY T. R. REID PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOEL SARTORE
    Bronze Age China { China's Bronze Age Recast; The New Story of China's Ancient Past}
    The New Story of China's Ancient Past A trove of artifacts has shattered China's traditional story of its origins- but the new narrative, like the old one, still packs a political punch. BY PETER HESSLER PHOTOGRAPHS BY O. LOUIS MAZZATENTA ART BY HONGNI
    Circus City: Peru, Indiana: Where You Don't Have to Run Away to Join the Show { Little Hoosiers Under the Big Top; ZipUSA: 46970; ZipUSA: Peru, Indiana}
    ZipUSA: 46970 Every July the kids in a midwest town don frilly costumes and fly through the air ( with the greatest of ease) . Has Peru, Indiana, lost its mind? BY LYNNE WARREN PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVE YODER


    THE TWO KOREAS(31 x 20 1/4 inches)
    Included: Inter- Korean summit convened by Kim Jong Il of North Korea and South Korean President Kim Dae Jung; the latter' s Sunshine Policy continued by his successor, Roh Moo- hyun. ; Also included: Notes on Northern Limit Line, the DMZ, Korean islands
    Included: Maps and illustrations that chart the course of the Korean War from the North Korean invasion June 25, 1950, through the protracted truce talks that brought the armistice of July 27, 1953; brief histories of the peninsula from 1894 through 1948

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  • National Geographic August 2003

    Alaska Wildlife Refuge { Alaska's Coastal Refuge; Alaska's Wild Archipelago}
    Alaska's Wild Archipelago A gale- swept refuge, imperiled marine mammals, and some of the most lucrative fisheries in the world make for stormy times on the last frontier. BY JOEL K. BOURNE, JR. PHOTOGRAPHS BY SUSIE POST RUST
    Bohemian Paris { Marais; Bohemian Rhapsody: Paris}
    Bohemian Rhapsody In the trendy Paris neighborhood of the Marais, cultures and lifestyles mix and match, and laissez- faire rules. BY CATHY NEWMAN PHOTOGRAPHS BY WILLIAM ALBERT ALLARD
    Zimbabwe Upheaval { Zimbabwe's Bitter Harvest; A Land Possessed}
    Zimbabwe's Bitter Harvest With the onset of land reform, whites lost farms, blacks lost jobs, and the country that once fed much of southern Africa lost the means to feed itself. BY PETER GODWIN PHOTOGRAPHS BY GIDEON MENDEL
    Atacama Desert { Where Rain Never Falls; The Driest Place on Earth}
    The Driest Place on Earth Parts of Chile's Atacama Desert haven't seen a drop of rain since recordkeeping began. Somehow, more than a million people squeeze life from this parched land. BY PRIIT ] . VESILIND PHOTOGRAPHS BY ] OEL SARTORE
    15222: Come Hungry { Eating Big in Pittsburgh; ZipUSA: 15222; ZipUSA: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania}
    ZipUSA: 15222 The Strip: 24 hours in Pittsburgh's revitalized warehouse district means 24 hours of feasting and fun. BY RAPHAEL KADUSHIN PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVID McLAIN
    Maya Royal City { Royal City of the Maya}
    Royal City of the Maya For some 400 years the Maya reigned triumphant from Guatemala's Piedras Negras. Then somebody kid- napped the king. BY MARGARET G. ZACKOWITZ PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARK A. PHILBRICK
    Hidden Tribes of the Amazon { Into the Amazon}
    Into the Amazon Brazilian explorer and social activist Sydney Possuelo believes his country's uncontacted Indians should remain isolated. Why, then, is he risking his life to find them? BY SCOTT WALLACE PHOTOGRAPHS BY NICOLAS REYNARD

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  • National Geographic September 2003

    Iraq: A Photographer's Diary { Diary of a War}
    Diary of a War In her second dispatch, a veteran war photogra- pher reports on daily life in Iraq during and after the bombing. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEXANDRA BOULAT
    Winged Mummy of Ancient Peru { Winged Mummy of Peru; Shaman or Sacrifice? }
    Winged Mummy of Peru In a coastal desert, archaeologists discover a 1, 300- year- old, human- size effigy of a bird and, inside, the skeleton of a woman thought to be a shaman. BY KAREN E. LANGE PHOTOGRAPHS BY IRA BLOCK
    97210: Solace in the City { Wild in Portland, OR; ZipUSA: 97210; ZipUSA: Portland, Oregon}
    ZipUSA: 97210 A short walk from downtown Portland, Ore- gon, coyotes, joggers, and mountain bikers share a 5, 000- acre park. BY KEVIN KRAJICK PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARIA STENZEL
    21st- Century Slaves
    21st- Century Slaves There are more slaves today than were seized from Africa in four centuries of the trans- Atlantic slave trade. The modern commerce in humans rivals illegal drug trafficking in its global reach- and in the destruction of lives. BY AND
    Sleeping With the Fishes { Deep Science: Sleeping With the Fishes}
    Deep Science What's the best way to study Florida's coral reefs and their finned inhabitants? Live where the action is. BY GREGORY S. STONE PHOTOGRAPHS BY BRIAN SKERRY
    Saving Africa's Eden
    Saving Africa's Eden The president of Gabon sets aside a big chunk of his country, preserving a little bit of Africa for everyone. BY DAVID QUAMMEN PHOTOGRAPHS BY MICHAEL NICHOLS
    Zebras! { Zebras: Born to Roam}
    Zebras They' re born to roam: East Africa's plains zebras follow the rains in one of the greatest migratory shows on Earth. BY JENNIFER STEINBERG HOLLAND PHOTOGRAPHS BY ANUP AND MANOJ SHAH

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  • National Geographic October 2003

    Iraq's Antiquities War { What's Next for Iraq's Treasures; Beyond the Looting: What's Next for Iraq's Treasures? }
    Iraq's Antiquities War When the spring offensive by U. S. -led forces ended, another battle began: the fight to preserve Iraq's ancient sites and artifacts from looters. A team of archaeologists races from Baghdad to Babylon to report from the field. B
    Saudi Arabia on Edge { Kingdom on Edge: Saudi Arabia}
    Saudi Arabia on Edge Tribal traditions and modern wealth clash in the birthplace of Islam- a kingdom in the political hot seat since 9/ 11. BY FRANK VIVIANO PHOTOGRAPHS BY REZA
    Kinkajous { Rain Forest Night Prowler; The Kinkajou}
    Kinkajous Living on fruits and flowers, these rarely seen relatives of the raccoon prowl the high rain forest canopies of Central and South America. BY HOLLY MENINO PHOTOGRAPHS BY MATTIAS KLUM
    A Town of Grave Importance { ZipUSA: 05641; ZipUSA: This Town Rocks; ZipUSA: Barre, Vermont}
    ZipUSA: 05641 Resting in peace, Barre, Vermont, is a little town with a reputation carved in stone. BY MARGARET G. ZACKOWITZ PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARY WOLINSKY
    Hard Ride in Mongolia { Mongolian Crossing: Is Time Running Out on Timeless Migration? }
    Mongolian Crossing In a remote, mountainous corner of Asia, nomads still follow their herds on an arduous migration. If given the choice, will they take a new path? BY GLENN HODGES PHOTOGRAPHS BY GORDON WILTSIE
    Orangutans Hang Tough { Code Red}
    Orangutans Hang Tough Revisiting Borneo, an anthropologist checks in with some old friends and worries about their future. BY CHERYL KNOTT PHOTOGRAPHS BY TIM LAMAN
    Maya Water World { Watery Graves of the Maya}
    Maya Water World Divers and scientists probe Yucatan sinkholes, sacred to the Maya, where human sacrifices ensured cosmic order. BY PRIIT J. VESILIND PHOTOGRAPHS BY WES SKILES

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  • National Geographic November 2003

    Guardian of the Sun God's Treasure { The Sun God's Treasurer; Mystery of the Sun God's Servant}
    The Sun God's Treasurer A lavish tomb records the rise and fall of a heretical pharaoh and the staying power of a savvy CFO. BY ALAIN ZIVIE PHOTOGRAPHS BY KENNETH GARRETT
    Afghanistan, Between War and Peace
    Afghanistan A nation shattered by wars, droughts, and earth- quakes looks for signs of stability amid an uneasy peace. BY EDWARD GIRARDET PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEVE McCURRY
    Cuba's Wild Side { Cuba Naturally}
    Cuba's Wild Side Known more for its music and politics than for its wildlife, Cuba in fact teems with unusual species, from tiny frogs and orchids to particularly feisty crocodiles. TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEVE WINTER
    You' re Being Watched { Watching You: The World of High- Tech Surveillance}
    Watching You In our high- tech world, machines track personal records, see through walls, and screen facial features. Will electronic surveillance mean better security, or an end to privacy? BY DAVID SHENK PHOTOGRAPHS BY GEORGE STEINMETZ
    Fargo, ND: You Betcha { 58102: The Fargo That Wasn't in the Movie; ZipUSA: 58102; ZipUSA: Fargo, North Dakota}
    ZipUSA: 58102 Fargo, the 1996 movie, was filled with quirky characters and lots of snow. The film got the snow right, but North Dakota's largest city has a personality all its own. BY DAVID BEERS PHOTOGRAPHS BY NINA BERMAN
    Yellowstone and the Tetons { Yellowstone in Winter; Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks}
    Yellowstone and the Tetons Crowning the National Parks system, this grand expanse of jutting mountains, steaming geysers, and manifold animals stirs the soul. BY ALEXANDRA FULLER
    Back on the Burma Road { Burma Road; Blood, Sweat, and Toil Along the Burma Road}
    Burma Road Allied forces endured disease, monsoons, and Japanese attacks to build the infamous 1, 100- mile supply line that still winds through three nations- and old soldiers' memories. BY DONOVAN WEBSTER PHOTOGRAPHS BY MARIA STENZEL

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  • National Geographic December 2003

    The Future of Flying: Faster, Farther, Smarter; Wings of Change
    The Future of Flying The airplane has come a long way in its first hundred years. Fasten your seat belt for a high- tech ride into the next century of flight.
    Tango, Soul of Argentina; And Still They Tango
    Tango, Soul of Argentina Full of yearning and lament, the tango is perfect therapy for a nation still stinging from economic loss.
    Hubble's Eye on Infinity
    Eye on Infinity The steadfast Hubble Telescope takes the long view of space and time as it orbits the Earth, transmitting images of astronomical beauty and import. BY CHRIS CARROLL
    Hot Pink Flamingos; Hot Pink: African Flamingos on the Move
    Hot Pink Its candy color and stick legs might make it seem del- icate, but Africa's lesser flamingo is one tough bird.
    Beulah's Boeing
    A modern- day version of Rosie the Riveter is still hard at work in Wichita, Kansas, where aviation has long been the biggest business in town.
    The Samurai Way; Samurai: Japan's Way of the Warrior
    The Samurai Way In everything from martial arts to tea cere- monies, the storied warriors of Japan remain a potent presence. Many Japanese just can't stop searching for their inner samurai.
    Maya Masterwork; Maya Mural; Sistine Chapel of the Early Maya
    Maya Masterwork A 2, 000- year- old mural of the powerful corn god shatters long- held ideas of Maya mythology.

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