National Geographic July 2003


Dangerous Divide { Divided Korea: Face- Off Along the DMZ; Korea’s DMZ: Dangerous Divide}
Dangerous Divide As North Korea steps up its nuclear threat, it’s business as usual along the DMZ- the narrow strip of land that has split the Korean peninsula for 50 years. There the two armies, the South’s backed by 20, 000 U. S. troops, wait for the
The Animal Mating Game { Animal Attraction: It’s His Show, But It’s Her Choice}
Animal Attraction Males will do whatever it takes to win the mating game: sing, dance, fight a rival, build a house, give a gift. But in the end, it’s usually the females who do the choosing. BY VIRGINIA MORELL
Everybody Loves Atlantic Salmon: Here’s the Catch. .. { Where Have All the Salmon Gone? ; Atlantic Salmon}
Atlantic Salmon Farm- raised salmon now outnumber wild fish nearly 85 to one. As wild stocks dwindle, this legendary sport fish has become the veritable chicken of the sea. BY FEN MONTAIGNE PHOTOGRAPHS BY PAUL NICKLEN
One Day, Three Peaks { Three Peaks Challenge; A Mad Dash Up 3 Peaks in 3 Countries: It’s All in a Day’s Climb}
Three Peaks Challenge How to be a Three Peaker: Run up the mountain. Run down the mountain. Do it three times in three different countries. And finish in under 24 hours. BY T. R. REID PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOEL SARTORE
Bronze Age China { China’s Bronze Age Recast; The New Story of China’s Ancient Past}
The New Story of China’s Ancient Past A trove of artifacts has shattered China’s traditional story of its origins- but the new narrative, like the old one, still packs a political punch. BY PETER HESSLER PHOTOGRAPHS BY O. LOUIS MAZZATENTA ART BY HONGNI
Circus City: Peru, Indiana: Where You Don’t Have to Run Away to Join the Show { Little Hoosiers Under the Big Top; ZipUSA: 46970; ZipUSA: Peru, Indiana}
ZipUSA: 46970 Every July the kids in a midwest town don frilly costumes and fly through the air ( with the greatest of ease) . Has Peru, Indiana, lost its mind? BY LYNNE WARREN PHOTOGRAPHS BY DAVE YODER


THE TWO KOREAS(31 x 20 1/4 inches)
Included: Inter- Korean summit convened by Kim Jong Il of North Korea and South Korean President Kim Dae Jung; the latter’ s Sunshine Policy continued by his successor, Roh Moo- hyun. ; Also included: Notes on Northern Limit Line, the DMZ, Korean islands
Included: Maps and illustrations that chart the course of the Korean War from the North Korean invasion June 25, 1950, through the protracted truce talks that brought the armistice of July 27, 1953; brief histories of the peninsula from 1894 through 1948

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