National Geographic October 2003


Iraq’s Antiquities War { What’s Next for Iraq’s Treasures; Beyond the Looting: What’s Next for Iraq’s Treasures? }
Iraq’s Antiquities War When the spring offensive by U. S. -led forces ended, another battle began: the fight to preserve Iraq’s ancient sites and artifacts from looters. A team of archaeologists races from Baghdad to Babylon to report from the field. B
Saudi Arabia on Edge { Kingdom on Edge: Saudi Arabia}
Saudi Arabia on Edge Tribal traditions and modern wealth clash in the birthplace of Islam- a kingdom in the political hot seat since 9/ 11. BY FRANK VIVIANO PHOTOGRAPHS BY REZA
Kinkajous { Rain Forest Night Prowler; The Kinkajou}
Kinkajous Living on fruits and flowers, these rarely seen relatives of the raccoon prowl the high rain forest canopies of Central and South America. BY HOLLY MENINO PHOTOGRAPHS BY MATTIAS KLUM
A Town of Grave Importance { ZipUSA: 05641; ZipUSA: This Town Rocks; ZipUSA: Barre, Vermont}
ZipUSA: 05641 Resting in peace, Barre, Vermont, is a little town with a reputation carved in stone. BY MARGARET G. ZACKOWITZ PHOTOGRAPHS BY CARY WOLINSKY
Hard Ride in Mongolia { Mongolian Crossing: Is Time Running Out on Timeless Migration? }
Mongolian Crossing In a remote, mountainous corner of Asia, nomads still follow their herds on an arduous migration. If given the choice, will they take a new path? BY GLENN HODGES PHOTOGRAPHS BY GORDON WILTSIE
Orangutans Hang Tough { Code Red}
Orangutans Hang Tough Revisiting Borneo, an anthropologist checks in with some old friends and worries about their future. BY CHERYL KNOTT PHOTOGRAPHS BY TIM LAMAN
Maya Water World { Watery Graves of the Maya}
Maya Water World Divers and scientists probe Yucatan sinkholes, sacred to the Maya, where human sacrifices ensured cosmic order. BY PRIIT J. VESILIND PHOTOGRAPHS BY WES SKILES

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