1998 July – December

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  • National Geographic July 1998

    Dinosaurs Take Wing: The Origin of Birds { Dinosaurs Take Wing}
    New fossil discoveries from China reveal astonishing feathered creatures that lived more than 120 million years ago and appear to confirm what scientists have long theorized: Birds are dinosaurs.
    Inca Mummies { New Inca Mummies; Research Update: New Inca Mummies}
    High in the Peruvian Andes archaeologists have uncovered the remains of four more human sacrifices, adding new insights
    Civilized Denmark
    A clean and prosperous land with virtually no crime or poverty, the smallest country in Scandinavia is, according to an American humorist, the World's Most Nearly Perfect Nation - - except in winter.
    Lure of the Frogfish
    Thriving in warm water around the globe, the frogfish can change color, walk on its fins, and attract prey with wormlike bait that dangles from a spine on its head.
    Natural Hazards { Living With Natural Hazards}
    Ice storms, tornadoes, floods, wildfires - - all exact a high price, yet more and more people are living where such disasters are most likely to strike.
    Yukon River { The Untamed Yukon River}
    A century ago tens of thousands of prospectors rafted its length dreaming of gold. Today North America's fifth largest river yields a mother lode of empty space to dreamers with an itch for challenge and elbow room.

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  • National Geographic August 1998

    Bottlenose Whales: Pioneering Research Tracks Deep Divers of the North Atlantic
    At home in pitch- dark depths lethal to most marine mammals, these cetaceans may be the deepest divers of all.
    New York's Chinatown
    As immigration to New York surges, this vibrant Manhattan neighborhood provides Chinese newcomers a familiar setting in which to build their American dream.
    Orangutans in the Wild
    Backbreaking fieldwork and meticulous attention to scientific detail bring a deeper understanding of the elusive red apes of the Borneo rain forest.
    Return to Mars
    Twenty- one years after NASA landed its first emissary on the red planet, Pathfinder touched down on July 4, 1997, and recorded images and data that astounded the world.
    [ Titanic: ] Tragedy in Three Dimensions
    Computer- aided editing transforms scenes from a diver's video into extraordinary still lifes of the somber wreck lying 12, 500 feet below the surface.
    The Dawn of Humans: Redrawing Our Family Tree?
    South Africa yields fossil evidence that challenges old assumptions about humankind's beginnings.
    Indonesia Fires { Indonesia's Plague of Fire}
    Unchecked fires smolder throughout the rain forests of Sumatra and Borneo, spawning respiratory illness, traffic accidents, and food shortages across Southeast Asia.

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  • National Geographic September 1998

    Greenland Sharks
    Lurking beneath the Arctic ice, huge sharks consume seals and other large prey as if they were morsels. For the first time these sluggish, nearly blind creatures are photographed in their frigid habitat.
    Borneo's White Mountain { Searching the Depths of Borneo's White Mountain}
    Riddled with networks of unexplored caves, 3, 161- foot Gunung Buda harbors a wealth of plant and animal species in its depths and on its rain- forested slopes.
    Vermont: Suite of Seasons { A Special Place: Vermont: Suite of Seasons}
    Ever changing, ever the same, a far corner of the Green Mountain State known as the Northeast Kingdom qualifies as a special place to a longtime resident.
    A New Day for Romania { Romania's New Day: A Nation Savors Freedom}
    With the execution of dictator Nicolae Ceausecu on Christmas Day, 1989, Romania threw off repressive communist rule. Now the nation struggles to find its place in a free- market, democratic Europe.
    Valley of the Kings
    In a narrow valley near Luxor, Egyptologists are excavating a royal tomb of unprecedented size, revealing new details of the lives of the pharaohs 3, 000 years ago.
    Catherine the Great
    Overthrowing her husband, Peter III, a German princess became Empress of Russia in 1762 and embarked on a 34- year campaign of empire building.

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  • National Geographic October 1998

    The Millennium Series/ Population { Population}
    More people means more demands - - for space, nourishment, security, opportunity. Can the needs of all be met?
    Antarctic Desert { Timeless Valleys of the Antarctic Desert}
    Scientists studying an ice- free enclave known as the Dry Valleys, discover microscopic organisms living inside frozen rocks and minuscule worms that survive freeze- dried for decades.
    Perfume, the Essence of Illusion
    Orchestrating the fragrances of nature - - and their chemical counterparts - - master perfumers create a commodity no one needs but almost everyone wants. The multibillion- dollar scent industry is smelling like a rose.
    Lewis and Clark, Naturalist- Explorers
    Enthralled by Barking Squirils and unimagined Louisiana Purchase in 1806 with a valuable treasure: a detailed account of the land and creatures of the Rockies and beyond.
    The Millennium Series/ Population { Feeding the Planet}
    So far, global food production has kept pace with a burgeoning population. Maintaining that balance and finding ways to share Earth's bounty are critical challenges.
    The Millennium Series/ Population { Human Migration}
    We are constantly on the move, from countryside to city and nation to nation, driven by ambition, political upheaval, and natural disaster.
    The Millennium Series/ Population { Women and Population}
    Birthrates fall and hopes rise as women gain access to education and health care.

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  • National Geographic November 1998

    America's Wilderness { Wilderness- -America's Lands Apart}
    Early settlers saw the continent's forested wildlands as a fearful challenge. Today people seek nature to recharge their urbanized souls. Nearly 5 percent of U. S. land has been designated wilderness, but how it is used and managed is far from settled.
    Nebraska: Standing Tall Again
    Street gangs have sprung up in Omaha, but heartland values hold firm in a land where neighbors are quick to lend a hand.
    Abusir Tomb: Egyptian Priest's Undisturbed Burial Discovered
    The crypt of an Egyptian priest, hidden deep below the sands and undisturbed for 2, 500 years, promises to yield knowledge as valuable as a pharaoh's treasure.
    Shackleton Expedition { Shackleton: Epic of Survival}
    After pack ice trapped their ship, explorer Ernest Shackleton and his men abandoned their dream of crossing Antarctica on foot and began a 20- month struggle to survive.
    Red Colobus Monkeys { Zanzibar's Endangered Red Colobus Monkeys}
    Deforestation and a low reproductive rate could spell the end for tree- dwelling monkeys on the increasingly crowded East African island of Zanzibar.
    The Cossacks { A Comeback for the Cossacks}
    Armed with memories of bygone glory, a centuries- old warrior caste crusades for order and discipline in tumultuous modern Russia.
    Jaws- -Maui's Monster Waves { Maui Surf; In the Teeth of Jaws}
    A dozen times a year Pacific storms and the underwater topography of Maui's north shore combine to create monster waves called Jaws. Only a handful of surfers even try to ride the Hawaiian behemoths.

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  • National Geographic December 1998

    Petra - Ancient city of stone

    South China sea

    Dinosaur embryos



    Winslow Homer

    Body beasts

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