National Geographic August 1998


Bottlenose Whales: Pioneering Research Tracks Deep Divers of the North Atlantic
At home in pitch- dark depths lethal to most marine mammals, these cetaceans may be the deepest divers of all.
New York’s Chinatown
As immigration to New York surges, this vibrant Manhattan neighborhood provides Chinese newcomers a familiar setting in which to build their American dream.
Orangutans in the Wild
Backbreaking fieldwork and meticulous attention to scientific detail bring a deeper understanding of the elusive red apes of the Borneo rain forest.
Return to Mars
Twenty- one years after NASA landed its first emissary on the red planet, Pathfinder touched down on July 4, 1997, and recorded images and data that astounded the world.
[ Titanic: ] Tragedy in Three Dimensions
Computer- aided editing transforms scenes from a diver’s video into extraordinary still lifes of the somber wreck lying 12, 500 feet below the surface.
The Dawn of Humans: Redrawing Our Family Tree?
South Africa yields fossil evidence that challenges old assumptions about humankind’s beginnings.
Indonesia Fires { Indonesia’s Plague of Fire}
Unchecked fires smolder throughout the rain forests of Sumatra and Borneo, spawning respiratory illness, traffic accidents, and food shortages across Southeast Asia.

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