National Geographic November 1998


America’s Wilderness { Wilderness- -America’s Lands Apart}
Early settlers saw the continent’s forested wildlands as a fearful challenge. Today people seek nature to recharge their urbanized souls. Nearly 5 percent of U. S. land has been designated wilderness, but how it is used and managed is far from settled.
Nebraska: Standing Tall Again
Street gangs have sprung up in Omaha, but heartland values hold firm in a land where neighbors are quick to lend a hand.
Abusir Tomb: Egyptian Priest’s Undisturbed Burial Discovered
The crypt of an Egyptian priest, hidden deep below the sands and undisturbed for 2, 500 years, promises to yield knowledge as valuable as a pharaoh’s treasure.
Shackleton Expedition { Shackleton: Epic of Survival}
After pack ice trapped their ship, explorer Ernest Shackleton and his men abandoned their dream of crossing Antarctica on foot and began a 20- month struggle to survive.
Red Colobus Monkeys { Zanzibar’s Endangered Red Colobus Monkeys}
Deforestation and a low reproductive rate could spell the end for tree- dwelling monkeys on the increasingly crowded East African island of Zanzibar.
The Cossacks { A Comeback for the Cossacks}
Armed with memories of bygone glory, a centuries- old warrior caste crusades for order and discipline in tumultuous modern Russia.
Jaws- -Maui’s Monster Waves { Maui Surf; In the Teeth of Jaws}
A dozen times a year Pacific storms and the underwater topography of Maui’s north shore combine to create monster waves called Jaws. Only a handful of surfers even try to ride the Hawaiian behemoths.

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