National Geographic July 1998


Dinosaurs Take Wing: The Origin of Birds { Dinosaurs Take Wing}
New fossil discoveries from China reveal astonishing feathered creatures that lived more than 120 million years ago and appear to confirm what scientists have long theorized: Birds are dinosaurs.
Inca Mummies { New Inca Mummies; Research Update: New Inca Mummies}
High in the Peruvian Andes archaeologists have uncovered the remains of four more human sacrifices, adding new insights
Civilized Denmark
A clean and prosperous land with virtually no crime or poverty, the smallest country in Scandinavia is, according to an American humorist, the World’s Most Nearly Perfect Nation – – except in winter.
Lure of the Frogfish
Thriving in warm water around the globe, the frogfish can change color, walk on its fins, and attract prey with wormlike bait that dangles from a spine on its head.
Natural Hazards { Living With Natural Hazards}
Ice storms, tornadoes, floods, wildfires – – all exact a high price, yet more and more people are living where such disasters are most likely to strike.
Yukon River { The Untamed Yukon River}
A century ago tens of thousands of prospectors rafted its length dreaming of gold. Today North America’s fifth largest river yields a mother lode of empty space to dreamers with an itch for challenge and elbow room.

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