1992 January – June

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  • National Geographic January 1992

    Immigrants have converted a sleepy, southern city into a vibrant metropolis. But Miami simmers as ethnic groups compete for the American dream.
    Africa's Skeleton Coast
    Sustained by desert springs and Atlantic fog, an unlikely group of plants and animals cling to a thin line of survival in Namibia.
    U. S. S. [ Macon: ] Lost and Found
    In 1935, a 785- foot Navy Dirigible crashed off California. A fisherman's catch leads sleuths to the Macon's murky resting- place.
    Search for Columbus
    What forces shaped Columbus and spurred him to brave treacherous seas to seek the Indies? Old manuscripts hold a key to the mystery of the great mariner.
    La Isabela, Foothold in the New World { La Isabela, Europe's First Foothold in the New World}
    Columbus's first New World town was abandoned after only five years - - doomed by dissension, disease, and famine.
    Last Refuge of the Monk Seal
    Counting success one animal at a time, wildlife biologists on distant Hawaiian atolls work to save the rare and reclusive monk seal from extinction.

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  • National Geographic February 1992

    Pizarro, Conqueror of the Inca
    Forty years after Columbus, an illiterate Spanish soldier won glory crushing the Inca of Peru. A supplement map illustrates transatlantic exchanges after 1492.
    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: The Preventable Tragedy
    Each year thousands of women who drank during pregnancy bear babies with irreversible alcohol- related defects.
    Alcohol, the Legal Drug
    People have long turned to alcohol to celebrate life's pleasures and dull its pains. Scientists grapple with the mysteries of the drug's often destructive power.
    Eastern Wildlife- -Bittersweet Success { Illustrations text}
    Bears on the back porch, alligators in the parking lot: The comeback of adaptable species creates unforeseen problems for suburbanites and wildlife managers.
    The Great Soviet Exodus
    Soviet Jews flood into Israel, chasing dreams of freedom and the good life. After a warm welcome, most face the cold reality of scarce jobs and housing.
    Persian Gulf Pollution: Assessing the Damage One Year Later
    As fire fighters snuffed out Kuwait's burning wellheads, researchers probed the thousand- mile- long plume that the fires generated for almost a year.

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  • National Geographic March 1992

    Sacred Peaks of the Andes
    Ceremonial platforms atop 20, 000- foot peaks yield Inca silver, gold, and mummified human remains, sacrifices to local deities. Even today peoples of the high Andes worship the mountain gods.
    Lake Tahoe- -Playing for High Stakes
    Will tight controls on land save the famed blue waters of this Sierra Nevada lake, already inundated with casinos, subdivisions, and vacationers? Place your bets.
    Douglas MacArthur: An American Soldier
    It's the orders you disobey that make you famous. So said the flamboyant, controversial general who strode to a place in history by flouting convention.
    Bonobos, Chimpanzees With a Difference
    Found only in the tropical forest of Zaire and declared a separate species in 1933, bonobos, or pygmy chimpanzees, display decidedly unchimpanzee- like behavior.
    A Curious Kinship: Apes and Humans
    From awe to indifference, caring to cruelty, contradictions mark our attitudes toward our closest animal relatives, the great apes - - orangutans, chimpanzees, bonobos, and gorillas.

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  • National Geographic April 1992

    The New World of Spain
    Preserving the best of its illustrious past, Spain moves to the frenetic tempo of the 1900s as it claims full partnership in the European Community.
    Captives in the Wild
    Isolated within Tanzania's Ngorongoro Crater, a sizable lion population appears healthy but is, in fact, severely inbred; researchers assess the animals' prospects.
    The Simpson Outback
    Edging Australia's driest desert, cattle stations stretch to the size of countries while towns are little bigger than a pub. Scattered residents treat one another like family.
    Vancouver- -Good Luck City
    Canada's doorway to Pacific trade, the mountain- rimmed port welcomes an influx of foreign investors and Asian immigrants. A map supplement highlights the heritage of British Columbia.
    Blackwater Country
    With the outside world closing in on the cypress- studded Okefenokee, old- time swampers in this Georgia- Florida borderland are becoming an endangered species.
    Genetic Erosion: A Global Dilemma
    As the natural habitat of wild animals shrinks, so does their gene pool, allowing congenital defects to develop that could eventually bring about extinction.

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  • National Geographic May 1992

    The Gift of Gardening
    More popular than golf or fishing, gardening is America's best loved hobby. From city roof garden to backyard vegetable patch, the growing of plants soothes the mind and feeds the soul.
    India's Wildlife Dilemma
    Growing numbers of poverty- stricken farmers compete for land with diverse wildlife species - - threatening the future of India's unique natural heritage.
    DNA Profiling: The New Science of Identity
    With technology that pinpoints individual differences at the molecular level, scientists locate disease- causing genes and tie the guilty to their crimes.
    Georgia Fights for Nationhood
    As resilient as their age- old vineyards, citizens of the former Soviet republic face bloody ethnic strife and political turmoil in their reach for democracy under their own flag.
    The Great Eclipse { The Moon's Racing Shadow}
    The total solar eclipse of July 11, 1991 transfixed astronomers and casual star gazers alike on the heavens. An explanation of different types of eclipses, complete with photographs and diagrams, is included.
    The Great Eclipse { The Darkness That Enlightens}
    Last July the shadow from a total solar eclipse passed directly over Hawaii's Mauna Kea Observatory, giving astronomers an unprecedented look at normally invisible features of the sun.

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  • National Geographic June 1992

    Bikini's Nuclear Graveyard { In Bikini Lagoon Life Thrives in a Nuclear Graveyard}
    Twenty- one World War II vessels, sunk by atomic tests in 1946, litter the seafloor of this Pacific atoll. The U. S. National Park Service proposes to turn the site into a marine park for divers.
    Sunset Boulevard: Street to the Stars
    Hollywood hopefuls, struggling immigrants, and desperate runaways all yearn for their big break along the famous Los Angeles street that serves as a backdrop for dreams.
    Russia's Baikal: The World's Great Lake { Russia's Lake Baikal: The World's Great Lake}
    Russia's Baikal is older, deeper, and more richly endowed with life than any lake on earth. But to Russians this Sacred Sea embodies even more than its superlatives.
    Cuttyhunk Seasons
    A tiny island off the coast of Massachusetts drowses through the winter to the delight of its 30 residents, then awakens in summer to a noisy invasion of visitors.
    The Palestinians { Who Are the Palestinians? }
    Scattered across the Middle East and beyond, a resilient and resourceful people follow diverse paths while sharing a common dream of world recognition.

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