National Geographic March 1992


Sacred Peaks of the Andes
Ceremonial platforms atop 20, 000- foot peaks yield Inca silver, gold, and mummified human remains, sacrifices to local deities. Even today peoples of the high Andes worship the mountain gods.
Lake Tahoe- -Playing for High Stakes
Will tight controls on land save the famed blue waters of this Sierra Nevada lake, already inundated with casinos, subdivisions, and vacationers? Place your bets.
Douglas MacArthur: An American Soldier
It’s the orders you disobey that make you famous. So said the flamboyant, controversial general who strode to a place in history by flouting convention.
Bonobos, Chimpanzees With a Difference
Found only in the tropical forest of Zaire and declared a separate species in 1933, bonobos, or pygmy chimpanzees, display decidedly unchimpanzee- like behavior.
A Curious Kinship: Apes and Humans
From awe to indifference, caring to cruelty, contradictions mark our attitudes toward our closest animal relatives, the great apes – – orangutans, chimpanzees, bonobos, and gorillas.

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