National Geographic May 1992


The Gift of Gardening
More popular than golf or fishing, gardening is America’s best loved hobby. From city roof garden to backyard vegetable patch, the growing of plants soothes the mind and feeds the soul.
India’s Wildlife Dilemma
Growing numbers of poverty- stricken farmers compete for land with diverse wildlife species – – threatening the future of India’s unique natural heritage.
DNA Profiling: The New Science of Identity
With technology that pinpoints individual differences at the molecular level, scientists locate disease- causing genes and tie the guilty to their crimes.
Georgia Fights for Nationhood
As resilient as their age- old vineyards, citizens of the former Soviet republic face bloody ethnic strife and political turmoil in their reach for democracy under their own flag.
The Great Eclipse { The Moon’s Racing Shadow}
The total solar eclipse of July 11, 1991 transfixed astronomers and casual star gazers alike on the heavens. An explanation of different types of eclipses, complete with photographs and diagrams, is included.
The Great Eclipse { The Darkness That Enlightens}
Last July the shadow from a total solar eclipse passed directly over Hawaii’s Mauna Kea Observatory, giving astronomers an unprecedented look at normally invisible features of the sun.

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