National Geographic June 1992


Bikini’s Nuclear Graveyard { In Bikini Lagoon Life Thrives in a Nuclear Graveyard}
Twenty- one World War II vessels, sunk by atomic tests in 1946, litter the seafloor of this Pacific atoll. The U. S. National Park Service proposes to turn the site into a marine park for divers.
Sunset Boulevard: Street to the Stars
Hollywood hopefuls, struggling immigrants, and desperate runaways all yearn for their big break along the famous Los Angeles street that serves as a backdrop for dreams.
Russia’s Baikal: The World’s Great Lake { Russia’s Lake Baikal: The World’s Great Lake}
Russia’s Baikal is older, deeper, and more richly endowed with life than any lake on earth. But to Russians this Sacred Sea embodies even more than its superlatives.
Cuttyhunk Seasons
A tiny island off the coast of Massachusetts drowses through the winter to the delight of its 30 residents, then awakens in summer to a noisy invasion of visitors.
The Palestinians { Who Are the Palestinians? }
Scattered across the Middle East and beyond, a resilient and resourceful people follow diverse paths while sharing a common dream of world recognition.

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