National Geographic February 1992


Pizarro, Conqueror of the Inca
Forty years after Columbus, an illiterate Spanish soldier won glory crushing the Inca of Peru. A supplement map illustrates transatlantic exchanges after 1492.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: The Preventable Tragedy
Each year thousands of women who drank during pregnancy bear babies with irreversible alcohol- related defects.
Alcohol, the Legal Drug
People have long turned to alcohol to celebrate life’s pleasures and dull its pains. Scientists grapple with the mysteries of the drug’s often destructive power.
Eastern Wildlife- -Bittersweet Success { Illustrations text}
Bears on the back porch, alligators in the parking lot: The comeback of adaptable species creates unforeseen problems for suburbanites and wildlife managers.
The Great Soviet Exodus
Soviet Jews flood into Israel, chasing dreams of freedom and the good life. After a warm welcome, most face the cold reality of scarce jobs and housing.
Persian Gulf Pollution: Assessing the Damage One Year Later
As fire fighters snuffed out Kuwait’s burning wellheads, researchers probed the thousand- mile- long plume that the fires generated for almost a year.

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