1984 January – June

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  • National Geographic January 1984

    Catalonia: Spain's Country Within a Country
    After decades of repression under dictator Francisco Franco, six million Catalans are reestablishing their political and cultural identity. By Randall Peffer, with photographs by Stephanie Maze.
    Silk, the Queen of Textiles { The Queen of Textiles}
    Sleek, sensuous silk - - the fiber evocative of luxury and legend - - has been coveted by mankind for more than 4, 000 years. Fashion expert Nina Hyde and photographer Cary Wolinsky follow this shining thread through continents and the centuries.
    Exploring a Sunken Realm in Australia
    Author Hillary Hauser and underwater photographer David Doubilet plumb the crystalline depths of the island continent's remarkable freshwater sinkholes.
    Alaska's Southeast { Southeast Alaska: A Place Apart; A Place Apart}
    In the wild, wet Panhandle of Alaska, Bill Richards discovers both native sourdoughs and transplanted outsiders cheerfully suffering whatever inconvenience goes with the region's isolation.
    Alaska's Southeast { Southeast Alaska: An Incredible Feasting of Whales; An Incredible Feasting of Whales}
    Cooperation or competition? Photographer Al Giddings captures the gargantuan water ballet of eight Alaskan humpbacks feeding together on a banquet of krill.

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  • National Geographic February 1984

    El Nino - Global Weather Disaster

    Surviving, Italian Style

    Texas West Of The Pecos

    Jordan: Kingdom In The Middle

    The Praying Mantis

    Wild elephants tamed by drought wait as helping hands open water holes in southern Africa, one of five continents stricken by El Nino

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  • National Geographic March 1984

    The Laser: A Splendid Light { The Laser: A Splendid Light For Man's Use; Lasers- - A Splendid Light }
    Dazzling in its uses, the laser lights taps the awesome power of light for technologies from medicine to the military. Allen A. Boraiko and Charles O' Rear illuminate its bright promise.
    Canada's Not- So- Wild West { Calgary: Canada's Not- So- Wild West}
    Once a tough little cow town, Calgary is now the flamboyant oil capital of Canada. David Boyer and photographer Ottmar Bierwagen chronicle its rough- and- tumble ride on fortune's wheel.
    China's Remote Peoples { Peoples of China's Far Provinces}
    They are the other Chinese - - nomads, farmers, monks, mountain tribesmen - - almost 70 million people in a nation exceeding a billion. Journalist Wong How- Man travels 11, 000 miles to visit China's little- known national minorities.
    They' re Killing Off the Rhino
    From Africa to the Far East, this powerful but vulnerable behemoth is rapidly disappearing. Conservationist Esmond Bradley Martin and photographer Jim Brandenburg track the rhino from its shrinking habitat to far- flung marketplaces that spur its demise.
    The Wonder of Holography
    Interacting streams of laser light create three- dimensional images that intrigue artists, foil counterfeiters, and pinpoint industrial flaws. Dr. H. John Caulfield reports, with photographs by Charles O' Rear.

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  • National Geographic April 1984

    The Great Blue Heron { Lord of the Shallows- -The Great Blue Heron; The Great Blue Heron- -Lord of the Shallows}
    A majestic flier and canny fisher, America's largest heron faces natural and man- made perils. Naturalist Richard J. Dolesh and photographer Cameron Davidson report on a nesting colony less then 30 miles from the nation's capital.
    California East of Eden { East of Eden: California's Mid- coast}
    In that spectacular realm between Santa Barbara and Monterey, Harvey Arden and Craig Aurness explore remnants of old California where residents seek a balance between preservation and exploitation.
    Hunting the Greenland Narwhal { Narwhal Hunters of Greenland}
    Harpoon and kayak arm earth's northernmost people for hazardous pursuit of the unicorn of whales, so termed for its spiraled tusk. Writer- photographer Ivars Silis chronicles the life of these self- reliant Eskimos.
    The Plain People of Pennsylvania
    For the Amish and Mennonites of Lancaster County, life revolves around church, family, and the land. Old Order farmers, who shun modern conveniences and treat strangers with caution, permitted Jerry Irwin and Douglas Lee a rare glimpse into their plain;
    Japan's Izu Oceanic Park
    Clear water, giant crabs, and fantastic corals lure marine biologist Eugenie Clark and photographer David Doubilet to the depths of one of Japan's national marine parks.

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  • National Geographic May 1984

    Brazil's Kayapo, Cursed by Gold { Brazil's Kayapo Indians: Beset by a Golden Curse; Indians Cursed by Gold; Beset by a Golden Curse: Brazil's Kayapo Indians}
    For villagers of the Amazon Basin, a gold rush on their land means new wealth - - along with pollution, invading miners, and many of the headaches of civilization, as Vanessa Lea and Miguel Rio Branco discover.
    Krill: Untapped Bounty? { Krill- -Untapped Bounty From the Sea? }
    These tiny crustaceans are whale food today, but they offer man a vast store of protein that just might - - and might not - - be worth the trouble of harvesting. Biologist William M. Hamner and photographer Flip Nicklin examine a superb Antarctic species
    After 2, 000 Years of Silence: The Dead Do Tell Tales at Vesuvius { The Dead Do Tell Tales at Vesuvius}
    For nearly 2, 000 years they lay mute, hidden in a tomb of hardened ash. Today their bones speak volumes to scientists piecing together their lives and fiery deaths. Rick Gore and O. Lois Mazzatenta report on the latest excavations at Herculaneum and Po;
    Washington's Olympic Peninsula { The Olympic Peninsula}
    Giant trees, glaciered peaks, and wild shores dominate Washington State's green thumb. Bill Richards and Sam Abell give us a vivid look at the land and its people.
    A Prayer for Pozzuoli
    Pozzuoli, a thriving port when Vesuvius erupted, now waits in terror as its own huge volcano stirs uneasily to life. Rick Gore and Louis Mazzatenta find the land rising as magma surges beneath it.

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  • National Geographic June 1984

    By Rail Across India { India by Rail: Pakistan to Bangladesh; By Rail Across the Indian Subcontinent}
    From Pakistan's Khyber Pass to Bangladesh, author Paul Theroux and photographer Steve McCurry travel a monumental rail system, where every day ten million passengers ride six thousand trains on Indian's railway lifeline.
    The Wonderfully Diverse Ways of the Ant { Ways of the Ant}
    Some are hunters and gatherers, weavers, cultivators, and stock breeders. Others are kidnappers, slaveholders, or con artists. Bert Holldobler describes the most successful of the social insects. Paintings by John D. Dawson, illustrations text by Alic; e
    The Ant and Her World
    Each member of this all- female society knows her job and does it. Caryl P. Haskins introduces the strikingly different ways of the ant.
    Eskimo Hunters of the Bering Sea
    Outboard motors, videotape players, and the prospect of nearby oil drilling have not shaken Eskimo dedication to ancestral traditions, as Brad Reynolds and photographer Don Doll discover in Alaska's Toksook Bay.
    Hagi: Where Japan's Revolution Began
    A remote castle town, home of a remarkable teacher- warrior and his disciples, launched the 19th- century revolution that modernized Japan. By N. Taylor Gregg, with photographs by Sam Abell, paintings by Kinuko Y. Craft, and a special map supplement.
    How a 38, 000- mile Lifeline Grew { 38, 000 Miles of Track: India's Railway Lifeline; India's Railway Lifeline}
    Railroad historian Michael G. Satow tells the colorful story of Britain's legacy to her former colony.

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