National Geographic June 1984


By Rail Across India { India by Rail: Pakistan to Bangladesh; By Rail Across the Indian Subcontinent}
From Pakistan’s Khyber Pass to Bangladesh, author Paul Theroux and photographer Steve McCurry travel a monumental rail system, where every day ten million passengers ride six thousand trains on Indian’s railway lifeline.
The Wonderfully Diverse Ways of the Ant { Ways of the Ant}
Some are hunters and gatherers, weavers, cultivators, and stock breeders. Others are kidnappers, slaveholders, or con artists. Bert Holldobler describes the most successful of the social insects. Paintings by John D. Dawson, illustrations text by Alic; e
The Ant and Her World
Each member of this all- female society knows her job and does it. Caryl P. Haskins introduces the strikingly different ways of the ant.
Eskimo Hunters of the Bering Sea
Outboard motors, videotape players, and the prospect of nearby oil drilling have not shaken Eskimo dedication to ancestral traditions, as Brad Reynolds and photographer Don Doll discover in Alaska’s Toksook Bay.
Hagi: Where Japan’s Revolution Began
A remote castle town, home of a remarkable teacher- warrior and his disciples, launched the 19th- century revolution that modernized Japan. By N. Taylor Gregg, with photographs by Sam Abell, paintings by Kinuko Y. Craft, and a special map supplement.
How a 38, 000- mile Lifeline Grew { 38, 000 Miles of Track: India’s Railway Lifeline; India’s Railway Lifeline}
Railroad historian Michael G. Satow tells the colorful story of Britain’s legacy to her former colony.

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