National Geographic March 1984


The Laser: A Splendid Light { The Laser: A Splendid Light For Man’s Use; Lasers- – A Splendid Light }
Dazzling in its uses, the laser lights taps the awesome power of light for technologies from medicine to the military. Allen A. Boraiko and Charles O’ Rear illuminate its bright promise.
Canada’s Not- So- Wild West { Calgary: Canada’s Not- So- Wild West}
Once a tough little cow town, Calgary is now the flamboyant oil capital of Canada. David Boyer and photographer Ottmar Bierwagen chronicle its rough- and- tumble ride on fortune’s wheel.
China’s Remote Peoples { Peoples of China’s Far Provinces}
They are the other Chinese – – nomads, farmers, monks, mountain tribesmen – – almost 70 million people in a nation exceeding a billion. Journalist Wong How- Man travels 11, 000 miles to visit China’s little- known national minorities.
They’ re Killing Off the Rhino
From Africa to the Far East, this powerful but vulnerable behemoth is rapidly disappearing. Conservationist Esmond Bradley Martin and photographer Jim Brandenburg track the rhino from its shrinking habitat to far- flung marketplaces that spur its demise.
The Wonder of Holography
Interacting streams of laser light create three- dimensional images that intrigue artists, foil counterfeiters, and pinpoint industrial flaws. Dr. H. John Caulfield reports, with photographs by Charles O’ Rear.

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