National Geographic January 1984


Catalonia: Spain’s Country Within a Country
After decades of repression under dictator Francisco Franco, six million Catalans are reestablishing their political and cultural identity. By Randall Peffer, with photographs by Stephanie Maze.
Silk, the Queen of Textiles { The Queen of Textiles}
Sleek, sensuous silk – – the fiber evocative of luxury and legend – – has been coveted by mankind for more than 4, 000 years. Fashion expert Nina Hyde and photographer Cary Wolinsky follow this shining thread through continents and the centuries.
Exploring a Sunken Realm in Australia
Author Hillary Hauser and underwater photographer David Doubilet plumb the crystalline depths of the island continent’s remarkable freshwater sinkholes.
Alaska’s Southeast { Southeast Alaska: A Place Apart; A Place Apart}
In the wild, wet Panhandle of Alaska, Bill Richards discovers both native sourdoughs and transplanted outsiders cheerfully suffering whatever inconvenience goes with the region’s isolation.
Alaska’s Southeast { Southeast Alaska: An Incredible Feasting of Whales; An Incredible Feasting of Whales}
Cooperation or competition? Photographer Al Giddings captures the gargantuan water ballet of eight Alaskan humpbacks feeding together on a banquet of krill.

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