1981 January – June

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  • National Geographic January 1981

    They' re Redesigning the Airplane
    Eight decades into the air age, bold new ideas and electronic wizardry are revolutionizing how man flies. By Michael E. Long and James A. Sugar.
    Eruption of Mount St. Helens { Mountain With a Death Wish}
    A snow- capped peak in the Cascades shudders and explodes, blasting 1, 300 feet off its top, scything down forests and sending ash clouds across the Northwest. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC documents a stunning geologic event, combining a three- part firsthand nar
    Eruption of Mount St. Helens { In the Path of Destruction}
    Smokelike ash slowly cleared, revealing a ghastly wasteland of slain forest, twisted and tumbled vehicles, buried homes - - and human tragedy.
    Eruption of Mount St. Helens { The Day the Sky Fell}
    A menacing plume boiled 12 miles high as life downwind came to a halt and darkness reigned at noon.
    The Indomitable Cockroach
    There are qualities to admire in that much maligned, ancient, and far- traveled insect pest, Allen A Boraiko and Bates Littlehales discover.
    Poland's Proud Mountain People { Poland's Mountain People}
    Fierce love of the land and ways of the past shape the life of the proud gorale of southern Poland. Polish- born Yva Momatiuk and husband John Eastcott return to visit the rugged hinterland she knew in her youth.
    Ancient Ashfall Entombed Prehistoric Animals { Pompeii of Prehistoric Animals in Nebraska; Ancient Ashfall Creates a Pompeii of Prehistoric Animals, Dwarfing the St. Helens Eruption}
    Paleontologist Michael R. Voorhies unearths a burial ground of ten- million- year- old creatures of the Great Plains. Photographs by Annie Griffiths, paintings by Jay Matterness.

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  • National Geographic February 1981

    Where Oil And Wildlife Mix

    Skiing A Chinese Peak

    Strange Ride In The Deep

    Human Sacrifice In A Minoan Temple

    Paradise Comes Of Age: The U.S. Virgin Islands

    The Seething Caribbean

    Liechtenstein, Modern Fairy Tale

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  • National Geographic March 1981

    Coffee, the Bonanza Bean { The Bonanza Bean- -Coffee}
    Eye- opener for much of the world, ritual drink of millions, the aromatic beverage fills the treasuries of exporting nations. By Ethel A. Starbird and photographer Sam Abell.
    Wild Cargo: Illegal Trade in Animals { Wild Cargo: the Business of Smuggling Animals}
    Illegal trade in wildlife endangers rare species worldwide. Noel Grove and Steve Raymer report a growing commitment to stem this traffic, yet find that creatures still face far more peril than poachers and smugglers.
    When the Space Shuttle Finally Flies
    Passengers and getaway special cargo will leave earth's atmosphere for a host of research tasks aboard NASA's hybrid space voyagers. The missions and the craft are described by Rick Gore, with photographs by Jon Schneeberger and detailed paintings by;
    In the Tracks of Thoreau { Thoreau, a Different Man; Thoreau, Following the Tracks of a Different Man}
    William Howarth and Farrell Grehan retrace the journeys, both mental and physical, of the famed American writer- naturalist, whose ideas seem still as fresh as morning beside Walden Pond.
    A Sumatran Journey
    Vast natural resources give earth's sixth largest island a competitive edge in the Third World's struggle for prosperity. Harvey Arden and David Alan Harvey portray Sumatra today.

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  • National Geographic April 1981

    Ireland - Its Long Travail

    A New Day For Eire

    War And Peace In Northern Ireland

    Life Among Mountain Gorillas

    South Dakota's Badlands

    Singapore, Mini-Size Superstate

    The Changeless Hourseshoe Crab

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  • National Geographic May 1981

    Eskimo and Viking Finds in the Arctic { Eskimo and Viking Finds in the High Arctic: Ellesmere Island}
    On Ellesmere Island, far north in Canada, archeologist Peter Schledermann finds dramatic evidence of early inhabitants and visitors - - among them, possibly, Norsemen. Photographs by Sisse Brimberg.
    Pakistan Under Pressure
    Wedged between Iran, Soviet- occupied Afghanistan, China, and India, a military- ruled nation of diverse peoples and harsh Islamic law tries to walk a middle road and emerge an Asiatic power on its own. By William S. Ellis and James L Stanfield.
    Australia's Great Barrier Reef { Australia's Coral Kingdom; Paradise Beneath the Sea}
    Veterans of more than 20 years of diving on the Barrier Reef, the Taylors capture in words and glowing color this coral kingdom of the Pacific.
    Australia's Great Barrier Reef { A New Marine Park. .. ; A Marine Park Is Born}
    Australia's gift to the world, a huge ocean preserve newly created on the Great Barrier Reef is described by marine biologist Soames Summerhays and photographed by Ron and Valerie Taylor.
    A Jawbreaker for Sharks
    Valerie Taylor dares to test an experimental chain- mail diving suit against shark attack.
    America's Forgotten Crops { New Harvests for Forgotten Crops; Rediscovering America's Forgotten Crops}
    Little- known plants long used by Indians hold new promise for food and industry, reports chemist Noel D. Vietmeyer. Photographs by Burgess Blevins, paintings by Paul M. Breeden.
    Iowa, America's Middle Earth
    The deep- soil heartland of the nation's farming empire has far more to offer than tall corn, Harvey Arden and Craig Aurness discover.

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  • National Geographic June 1981

    Two American Teachers in China { Two U. S. Teachers in China; Two Years Teaching in China; Letter From Kunming: Two American Teachers in China}
    Elizabeth B. Booz and her son Paddy, invited in 1978 to teach English at Yunnan University in Kunming, describe the revitalization of Chinese education since the fall of the Gang of Four.
    San Francisco Bay- -Its Beauty and Battles { The Beauty and the Battles of San Francisco Bay}
    Nature carved out a great estuary where waters of the Sierra Nevada and the Pacific meet. Cliff Tarpy and James A. Sugar reveal how man's cities and industries have changed the golden gateway.
    Down the Ancient Appian Way
    Like the Roman poet Horace, James Cerruti traverses - - and tweaks - - the highway of saints and Caesars. Photographed by O. Louis Mazzatenta.
    American Red Cross: A Century Old { The American Red Cross: A Century of Service}
    Founded by Clara Barton in 1881, it is now the nation's largest grass- roots volunteer effort. Louise Levathes and Annie Griffiths show what can be done with nearly 1. 5 million helpers.
    Somalia's Hour of Need { Illustrations text}
    War, want, and a massive flood of refugees beset this strategic nation on Africa's Horn, home of a proud nomadic people. Robert Paul Jordan and Larry Kohl report, with photographs by Michael A. Yamashita and Kevin Fleming.
    Saving the Philippine Eagle
    Ornithologist Robert S. Kennedy assesses the chances for one of the world's largest and rarest birds of prey. Photographs by Alan R. Degen, Neil L. Rettig, and Wolfgang A. Salb.

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