National Geographic March 1981


Coffee, the Bonanza Bean { The Bonanza Bean- -Coffee}
Eye- opener for much of the world, ritual drink of millions, the aromatic beverage fills the treasuries of exporting nations. By Ethel A. Starbird and photographer Sam Abell.
Wild Cargo: Illegal Trade in Animals { Wild Cargo: the Business of Smuggling Animals}
Illegal trade in wildlife endangers rare species worldwide. Noel Grove and Steve Raymer report a growing commitment to stem this traffic, yet find that creatures still face far more peril than poachers and smugglers.
When the Space Shuttle Finally Flies
Passengers and getaway special cargo will leave earth’s atmosphere for a host of research tasks aboard NASA’s hybrid space voyagers. The missions and the craft are described by Rick Gore, with photographs by Jon Schneeberger and detailed paintings by;
In the Tracks of Thoreau { Thoreau, a Different Man; Thoreau, Following the Tracks of a Different Man}
William Howarth and Farrell Grehan retrace the journeys, both mental and physical, of the famed American writer- naturalist, whose ideas seem still as fresh as morning beside Walden Pond.
A Sumatran Journey
Vast natural resources give earth’s sixth largest island a competitive edge in the Third World’s struggle for prosperity. Harvey Arden and David Alan Harvey portray Sumatra today.

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