National Geographic May 1981


Eskimo and Viking Finds in the Arctic { Eskimo and Viking Finds in the High Arctic: Ellesmere Island}
On Ellesmere Island, far north in Canada, archeologist Peter Schledermann finds dramatic evidence of early inhabitants and visitors – – among them, possibly, Norsemen. Photographs by Sisse Brimberg.
Pakistan Under Pressure
Wedged between Iran, Soviet- occupied Afghanistan, China, and India, a military- ruled nation of diverse peoples and harsh Islamic law tries to walk a middle road and emerge an Asiatic power on its own. By William S. Ellis and James L Stanfield.
Australia’s Great Barrier Reef { Australia’s Coral Kingdom; Paradise Beneath the Sea}
Veterans of more than 20 years of diving on the Barrier Reef, the Taylors capture in words and glowing color this coral kingdom of the Pacific.
Australia’s Great Barrier Reef { A New Marine Park. .. ; A Marine Park Is Born}
Australia’s gift to the world, a huge ocean preserve newly created on the Great Barrier Reef is described by marine biologist Soames Summerhays and photographed by Ron and Valerie Taylor.
A Jawbreaker for Sharks
Valerie Taylor dares to test an experimental chain- mail diving suit against shark attack.
America’s Forgotten Crops { New Harvests for Forgotten Crops; Rediscovering America’s Forgotten Crops}
Little- known plants long used by Indians hold new promise for food and industry, reports chemist Noel D. Vietmeyer. Photographs by Burgess Blevins, paintings by Paul M. Breeden.
Iowa, America’s Middle Earth
The deep- soil heartland of the nation’s farming empire has far more to offer than tall corn, Harvey Arden and Craig Aurness discover.

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